Martin Dow bleeds green to save lives

Karachi: Martin Dow, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company of Pakistan commenced the 75th year of the country’s independence with a cause to save lives by carrying out a blood donation drive in collaboration with Indus Hospital.

Blood shortages are particularly acute in developing countries across much of the subcontinent, and Pakistan is no exception. Adequate and reliable supply of safe blood can only be assured through a stable base of regular, voluntary, and unpaid blood donors.

The primary goal was to facilitate the patients with blood donations for surgery, chronic illnesses, cancer treatment, and transfusions for blood loss from traumatic injuries. The donation drive was efficiently managed at Martin Dow Group Corporate Office starting from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Expressing his views about these camps, Shahrukh Masood, Group Director HR & Corp Comms, said, ‘Martin Dow believes that the opportunity marks a true test of leaders’ commitment to save lives and accelerate progress towards health care for all in our lifetime. The leadership has realized that their commitment to safety is higher than ever. A single bottle of blood can save 13 lives. Every donation makes a difference. Not only is this cause necessary, but also more important as it enhances social solidarity. It sends a powerful message of mutual aid, civic commitment and social buy-in to Health for All. For healthy adults, blood donation is not only safe, but provides a sense of belonging and pride, as well as a free health check-up.’

Highlighting the need for an adequate and reliable supply of safe blood, Shahrukh Masood stressed on the importance of raising awareness for safe blood and blood products for transfusion. The theme ‘Bleed Green’ was selected to highlight the critical contribution that unpaid blood donors make to national health systems, and to promote solidarity in voluntary blood donations.

Martin Dow rolled out a complete program for the volunteers to review the guidelines before, during, and after the blood donation, such as being mindful of hydration, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, avoiding rigorous physical activity, and skipping smoking at least 30 minutes before and after the donation.

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