Manage your technology with limited IT resources

As companies around the world tighten their belts in the face of troubling economic adversities, it can be difficult to see a way to effectively keep your business going for the foreseeable future.

With component shortages affecting critical workplace technology supplies in all kinds of industries, making sure your workers have the right devices to be efficient and productive is harder than ever.

However, even in these challenging market conditions, there are countless ways to get the most out of your IT infrastructure without breaking the bank.

To start, the PCs and laptops that your employees deal with on a daily basis no longer cost the earth. with Latest Gartner numbers (Opens in a new tab) Global spending on new devices is set to drop dramatically, and it’s easier than ever to find powerful, lightweight devices with long-lasting battery life, with a host of technological advances meaning that these items are now much cheaper than they used to be. From before.

As the world’s computer and laptop manufacturers compete for market share and profitability, cost effective hardware in the workplace is dropping rapidly, so getting your hands on a batch of devices for your employees should be much easier.

This explosion in hardware also means that there are a lot more options than ever before too, so finding a cost-effective solution that allows your employees to get their work done can be a much more straightforward task. Buying in bulk is always a good way to make a bargain, which means company-wide deployments or promotions no longer need to be looked at in the purgatory of purchases – there’s the freedom to shop around for a great deal.

Another aspect of these new freedoms that the growth of hybrid work has revealed is the huge strides that have been made in remote access and management systems. With employees no longer working in the office, where they are within easy coverage of IT systems and security protections, the need for remote access services has never been more important – and it can also be good news for those companies facing resource challenges.

Remote access is possible over both local networks and the Internet, which means that with the right software, your workers can access the information and data they need to get their jobs done, and you can ensure they stay productive and efficient, all with much lower costs to you and your business than hands-on training. the desk.

The rise of hybrid work has also led to widespread concern about cybersecurity, as employees unaccustomed to working outside the office are likely to fall victim to scams and cyberattacks.

Controlling all these devices in the office can be a huge hassle, as complaints and tickets pile up quickly, but remote access and device management services mean your IT teams can get the tasks they need done quickly, without much interruption. Security patches or updates can now be rolled out to your entire workforce without having to be in the office, letting your employees get back to doing what they do best.

When it comes to your systems themselves, the rise of low-code and even “no-code” platforms has been one of the most interesting technological success stories of the past few years. To make software development and programming more accessible than ever, these platforms require little or no programming experience to create applications and services, opening up the opportunity for any of your employees to get involved if they want to.

Allowing workers to get their hands dirty with creation and development can also be beneficial in freeing up your IT support again to focus on the tasks at hand, making everyday working life more enjoyable for everyone.

So while times are undoubtedly tough for many businesses, there are a number of services and platforms available to help ease the burden. In the end, having the right hardware to be productive, be it a reliable desktop computer or a powerful, long-lasting laptop should always stand you in good stead, so choose your investment wisely and your business should be set up for success.

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