Huawei Technologies Pakistan recognizes outstanding digital skills – ‘Girls who Code’ – at PM Secretariat

Girls who code
Girls who code

Huawei Technologies Pakistan recently celebrated ‘Girls who Code‘ event held at the PM Secretariat, Islamabad. To mark the occasion Huawei Technologies donated 150 tablets to the girls program by way of Ministry of ITT. Huwaei’s continuous support of female empowerment is a driving force for the development of Pakistan. The organizations primary goals involves working with the people of Pakistan where by women and girls can become useful contributors’ to their families and thereby contribute to the national economy. Skills in the new digital age represent an enormous opportunity for the digitally adept youth of Pakistan and Huawei stands by its commitment and will continue to support the ministry of IT and women of Pakistan in this noble cause.

Present at the event was the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who eloquently pointed out: “Huawei and Microsoft have been kind enough to be a part of this program which is of great meaning to us. This program is mainly to bring digital knowledge to the girls of Pakistan so that they can gain employment opportunities and become a support for their families and mainly for themselves. Government of Pakistan and the IT ministry are committed to provide access to internet all over Pakistan, so that connectivity can become common and people can benefit from it.  This program fits perfectly to our vision of providing employment for youth of Pakistan. This program aims at bridging gender divide as well as digital divide. More and more opportunities will be created for women of Pakistan. They hold the talent hence they should be appreciated to learn and excel in the field of coding. This program should serve as a model for other countries and should be a real source of inspiration for all. Successful implementation of this program is of great pride to all Pakistanis and especially to me.”


Anusha Rahman IT Minister stated that; “Huawei was kind enough to ask what they could do for us, we asked them to help the girls, equip them, give them tablets and they were generous enough to do so. These girls had not seen computers ever in their lives, this was made possible through efforts and support of USF, Microsoft and Huawei. These girls have been trained on computer skills and they have computer skills so that they can benefit for themselves and their families. They will be an earning hand for their families. It’s is our responsibility to provide these girls with education to take their passion of coding ahead. Through enabling themselves they have become teachers, entrepreneurs etc.”


Huawei believes that it is essential to engage the vast and competitive female segment, around the globe, to enable robust growth in every business and social sector. All the developed nations have been successful in capacity building, as they have fully developed the potential of their women. It is the need of the hour for Pakistan, to sharpen the skills and recognize the contributions of its digitally skilled female workforce, while celebrating the accomplishments of this neglected segment.

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