Press ReleaseHBL Disappoints Customers Yet Again

HBL Disappoints Customers Yet Again

Habib Bank Limited claims to be the biggest bank of the country, yet it is a bank with a full of surprises to its customers with sequence of weird events.

In the recent episode, the bank’s customers were shocked with messages on different channels from the deduction of the amount from the account which they did not spend or used through ATM, online, or POS.
According to the reports

The deduction of an amount from the account is actually the reversal of the payment which the bank had made as a result of software malfunction in a recent month. Thus, there is no loss of customers’ money. Customers could duly check their balance statement of the past six months in order to reconcile their amount with bank branch or through online banking.
Official statement made by Farhan Ahmed, the spokesman said:

Due to a software malfunction, few of our clients were credited twice with the same amount of funds into their accounts. Most of these incorrect postings have been reversed by the bank. Any reversal that the clients may see in their accounts is a result of the corrective action taken by the bank. For any queries, clients may also contact their branch or the call centre.

However, a majority of the customers does not subscribe to the stance issued by the HBL’s official. Even HBL’s in its official statement did not rule out if there is a wrong deduction of the money from the account of customers in the case or reversal.

Simply, if the system can make a system to credit an amount twice, it can make another mistake to debit an amount twice.
In addition to the glitches in the services, the management of HBL has turned out to be extremely poor when it comes to dealing with a crisis communication. There has been no communication from the customers’ service about the issues in the services and the weird transaction in the bank account of the customers.

Last month, scores of the customers faced hardship when the bank’s online and mobile banking service witnessed frequent interruptions of transactions.

HBL’s operation has been very poor for the technology point of view. Hence, the bank’s management should remove the tagline a technology company with a banking license. The tagline should be the bank with the surprises.


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