Google Meet puts you front and center on your next video call

Google just announced a new ultra-clear update to keep you in the spotlight the next time you sign in to a Meet video call.

After more than two years of asking to work from home and many of us still trying to figure out the final setup for a WFH office. First of all, our computer monitor should be in a comfortable place to avoid unnecessary stress. What this means for a lot of people is that when it comes to video conferencingthey may not be in the best position on the screen.

In its latest update, Google Meet can now automatically frame a participant before they join a meeting by digitally zooming in to crop around the topic closely, helping to eliminate nearby distractions.

Google is dead tracking the topic

on it Workspace updates blog (Opens in a new tab)Google says this only happens once, so there’s no automatic theme tracking in the same way we saw with iPad Pro central dock (which depends on the latest hardware).

This means that your camera view doesn’t move constantly while you’re on the move, which can be a distraction, but the support article says users can open the settings pane to partially refocus with a call if needed.

Availability is currently limited to Chrome version M91 or Edge version 91, which means that Safari users will not be able to access this feature.

The rollout has already started, but it may take until the end of November for some users to see it in their accounts. Supported account types include Workspace Business Standard / Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials / Starter / Standard / Plus, Education Plus / Teaching, Learning Upgrade and Workspace Individual, but a supported device is also required – more on that Google help page (Opens in a new tab).

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