GoodAccess’s Trustless Access Network gives your business security benefits without the complexities

Being able to work anywhere is comfortable and familiar to many employees and the companies they work for, but there are some things to think about – like how your business will maintain a high level of security with workers in many different locations. A large number of remotely connected personnel increases the number of potential entry points for adversaries and leaves sensitive data vulnerable to interception in transit. This is exactly where the access to the cloud-based Zero Trust Network (ZTNA) comes in.

Traditionally, employers have had little or no control over home or public Wi-Fi networks and devices that remote employees use to work. ZTNA, like GoodAccess, helps overcome this, ensuring that your small or medium business remains competitive by staying secure while allowing your employees to stay focused on the task at hand.

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Zero Trust as a concept essentially ensures that users go through rigorous verification procedures to reduce threats to company data and applications. Traditional solutions to mistrust are powerful, but can be difficult for small or medium businesses to implement due to their complexity and costs associated with implementing them. These are the subtle hurdles that cloud-based zero-trust access networks overcome.

A particularly useful use case for ZTNA is to help prevent the fallout from phishing attacks. With these attacks becoming increasingly prevalent and organizations having larger footprints, it becomes very common for an employee to fall in love with them. ZTNA helps mitigate these risks by ensuring that malicious actors do not have unlimited access to all company data, and therefore cannot completely cripple the company.

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Not completely convinced? According to a white paper from Enterprise Management Associates, IT organizations report that implementing cloud-based ZTNA has made IT operations more resilient and higher security compliance. Not only that, but ZTNA has also made it possible to prevent and contain security breaches. And ZTNA makes it much easier to expand your security solutions as your business grows – ensuring that you don’t necessarily have to hire more IT professionals while you’re hiring in other areas of your business.

The GoodAccess SaaS platform is especially useful for small and medium businesses. This is due to the fact that it offers advanced security features and consumer-level simplicity, through things like access control, multi-factor authentication, and online threat prevention. It allows you to create virtual access cards for individual users, ensuring that users only have access to the applications they need to complete their work. GoodAccess is designed to be easy to use and easy to implement, allowing your business to eliminate the complexities and costs often associated with accessing the network without trust.

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