TechnologyGeo TV Hacked and mutilate by Proficient Pakistani Hackers

Geo TV Hacked and mutilate by Proficient Pakistani Hackers

The largest TV station of Pakistan was hacked by the hacker group named as “G-Force”. The hackers said the main purpose of this hit on the website is the result of unjust Pakistani system that is marking Axact while disregarding so many important issues.

G-Force is a community of veteran hackers who had fought Pakistan’s primary cyber war with India back in 1997. Nevertheless, they were quite for a long time, but now few days ago activated through a Twitter account. The mutilated website of Geo TV read that FIA and retaining law enforcement agencies are now active against Axact within few hours of NYT article release and the main reason was to put in prison within seven days of initial report. Hacker are excited to appreciate LEA’s role, inquiring that why other important issues not focused with the such pace, like:

May 12, 2007 incident in Karachi, hundreds of people were slaughtered in broad daylight

Baldia Town Fire: Over 300 people burnt live

Model Town massacre: Citizens were killed in front of TV cameras, live transmission, but where was this speed that LEA’s have shown in Axact case?

Saulat Mirza accusing Altaf Hussain and other senior members of MQM for taking orders for killing people, but no has questioned anyone.

Everyday BBC publish a lot of documentaries of corruption, murder, money laundering of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asif Zardari another political leaders, but the justice is still getting delayed. Why?

G-Force further inquired Pakistani media that what’s the reason to spread hate and negativity? Hackers also said that reporting news is one thing, while media heats up news and shapes them as they wish, all for commercial purposes.

G-Force also stated they will keep hitting back until things will not get straightened in Pakistan.

At the time of writing of this story, Geo TV’s home page is showing “Under maintenance” message.

Below is the screen-shot of hacked Geo TV home page, which has been replaced now with “Under Maintenance” message.


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