TechnologyFinnish Valio creates the milk chocolate of the future with artificial intelligence

Finnish Valio creates the milk chocolate of the future with artificial intelligence

Finnish Valio creates the milk chocolate of the future with artificial intelligence
Everyone’s dream milk chocolate is out there. Finn Value has curated over a million delicious milk chocolate lover’s desires with the power of artificial intelligence. Pictures: philo

Finnish dairy manufacturer, Valio, has harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) to create “future-proof” milk chocolate. This was announced through a press release on the company’s official website.

The recipe for “The Bar’s” is based on AI analysis of milk chocolate lovers’ thoughts, desires and tastes along with over 1.5 million public discussion related to milk chocolate on social media. Valio created the futuristic concept with the local chocolatiers at Kultasuklaa, which means that Valio herself did not switch to the chocolate industry.

In Valio’s own words, the bar caters to people and showcases a taste of the future as it is a proof of concept of what a dairy company’s milk powder solution could do, and what the future of milk chocolate might look like.

According to Timo Bagari, Senior Vice President of Valio, leadership in the dairy industry requires continuous learning about how technology is used in dairy product development.

The needs and preferences of global milk chocolate lovers change. A growing awareness of health challenges is affecting the confectionery industry as governments around the world have already begun to regulate the use and consumption of sugar. Bagari said that with our Valio Bettersweet™ solution, the taste remains the same despite the reduction in sugar.

Through the analysis of artificial intelligence, the company came to two main conclusions; No single preferred chocolate taste, filling or size has been discovered, and consumers prefer to indulge in milk chocolate with a clean conscience. Furthermore, they discovered that there is a growing demand for natural and healthy chocolate products because the bar contains 30% less sugar and is lactose-free.

– We see that in the future milk chocolate will contain less sugar and only natural ingredients, without compromising the familiar taste. The Concept Bar demonstrates how the Bettersweet™ milk powder solution does just that, but also how we can use artificial intelligence to create better products to meet the changing needs and desires of customers. Wherever the future chocolate landscape evolves, Bajari said, with Valio Bettersweet™ it is always improving.

Valio Bettersweet™ is a milk powder solution that allows the natural sugar in any milk chocolate product to be reduced by using the proteins in the milk reducing the need for added sugar. Using the solution, chocolate manufacturers can completely do without artificial sweeteners. Reducing sugar by 30% is just the start, because Valio has solutions in development that can eliminate the amount of added sugar.

Valio calls itself the world’s most innovative dairy and food company, and its mission is to create a sense of luxury and taste in a responsible manner. 4,000 Finnish dairy farmers own Valio through cooperatives and the concept of improving people’s welfare is its guiding principle. Valio products are available to consumers in 60 countries and hold 350 patents for innovations worldwide.

For more information, visit the Valio website: Chocolate to please everyone /



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