Black Friday TV Deals Live: Cheap QLED and OLED TVs, Buying Tips

Black Friday TV Deals Live: Cheap QLED and OLED TVs, Buying Tips



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Art of the Deal: Save 33% on a 55-inch The Frame 4K QLED TV from Samsung

Amazon now sells the 55-inch Samsung version The Frame for just $997.99. That’s a full 33% off this brilliantly designed TV, and a record low price.

Samsung has completely overhauled its The Frame line for 2022, expanding the range of size options and adding a highly effective anti-glare screen. The new screen allows you to enjoy digital artwork – either a selection of pre-loaded still images or one of the 1,400 and counting digital artworks available for download from Samsung’s Art Store.

What’s more, the 2022 The Frame TVs are QLED models with a quantum dot layer to enhance color and support HDR10 and HDR10+ high dynamic range formats (not Dolby Vision, unfortunately). It’s also PlayStation 5 compatible, with two HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 4K video input at 120Hz.

Amazon currently has deals on all sizes of The Frame, which thrilled us when we designed Practical review Back in early 2022. But this one is 55 incher $1,000 off a 75-inch model (now $1,997.99) is the best The Frame Black Friday deal we’ve seen.

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HDMI Cheat Sheet: How Many Ports Do You Need, and Which Cable Is Best?

They aren’t talked about much, but when you’re looking to get a TV deal, one of the things you should check is the HDMI ports that come with it. HDMI has greatly simplified TV connections in the age of HD/4K… except of all the best intentions, it’s only gotten more complicated over time. So without getting into the gritty technical details, here’s what you need to look out for.

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Samsung The Freestyle on a blue background

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This Black Friday deal brings Samsung’s amazing projector down to $599 — a record low price

Samsung made a splash in the projector scene when it introduced The Freestyle in early 2022. You can now buy this amazing projector for only $599.99 at SamsungSave 25% on one of the most innovative portable models we’ve laid eyes on yet.

Black Friday TV Deals It may be a major attraction when it comes Black Friday Deals, but we’re also starting to see a little bit of it on projectors. Among them, this Samsung deal is the best we’ve seen yet, and it’s a deal that brings The Freestyle to its lowest price ever.

Samsung is at the top of our list The best portable projectors, outperforming more expensive models. As we noted on our site Freestyle ReviewThis portable device is packed with features, with Samsung’s built-in Tizen Smart TV interface as well as automatic calibration that makes the picture look good wherever you set it up. Freestyle can project HD images up to 100 inches wide, making it an ideal choice for a movie night.

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Buying tips: Is the mini LED important?

Griffin – Senior Editor, TV & Audio

LED backlighting in television was a high-tech feature at one time, but even now mainstream sets use LED backlighting. What is less common is mini LED backlighting, where a group of small LEDs are used to illuminate the LCD panel of the TV.

As with quantum dots, different TV brands use different terminology to refer to the presence of mini-LED backlighting in their sets — Samsung calls its mini-LED models “Neo QLED,” because the mini-LEDs are almost always integrated with their QLED technology.

The main advantage that mini-LED offers over regular LED TVs is that the smaller lamp units used for backlighting allow for better control of local dimming. This is a process in which individual units are grouped into zones and dimmed according to the brightness level of the image on the screen. For example, the LED areas in the shaded parts of the image will be dimmed or turned off completely, while the bright shaded areas get a full blast of light.

With the higher density of LEDs scattered across the backlight, mini LED TVs can also provide higher overall brightness, with some combinations such as QN95B from Samsung Get twice or more measured light output than standard LED TVs. This Samsung model is the company’s best 4K Neo QLED offering, but you’re getting great brightness from the Samsung QN85B very.

What this extra light output matters is if you’re going to watch in a well-lit room — watching sports during the day, for example. But it can also help bring out the full level of highlight detail in HDR sources by reducing the need for color tone mapping, a process in which a TV scales a program’s brightness range to accommodate the maximum light output capability.

In short, mini-LED can make a difference when viewing in rooms with bright lighting conditions, and it also adds a welcome level of visual impact when watching movies and TV shows with HDR. It’s a feature you’ll pay extra for, but for some people it will be worth it.

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Samsung Q80B on a pink background

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Great gaming TV deal

2022 was the year more inexpensive TVs got HDMI 2.1 features like 120Hz display and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) along with support for Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro. Among them are Samsung’s Q80B series sets, the company’s top-of-the-line QLED models with standard LED backlighting.

in our area Samsung Q80B review, we noticed its full suite of gaming features, which includes the company’s new Game Hub, which acts as a gateway to cloud gaming services from Xbox, Utomik, and Twitch. Just add a wireless controller and you’re ready to go! On top of that, the Q80B offers good overall image quality for the price, which is now $200 at this price point. Best black friday buy dealThat brings the price of the 65-inch model to $999.

A Samsung TV packed with this feature for less than one is a bargain you don’t get to find every day, so be sure to check it out. You’ll get better brightness by going with one of Samsung’s mini backlit Neo QLED models, which top our list of the best Samsung TVs, but you’ll also pay a bit more, even with the current. Black Friday Deals.

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Welcome to Black Friday, Samsung fans!

Big Deals Day is here! Thanks for joining our live coverage of all the latest Black Friday Samsung TV deals.

We’ve been following deals every month, so we’ve been keeping track of great deals that are still going, and new deals launched on Black Friday itself.

Our team of audio experts has been combing through sales, looking for discounts on Samsung TVs that get you the most bang for your buck, and we’re bringing it to you here today.

And we’ll go over a few terms to help you decide which features you really need, and which you can live without to save some money on your purchase.

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