Best Permanent Desk Deals for Black Friday 2022: Big Early Savings Are Here

Editor’s note: November 11, 2022

We are actively screening the deals we’ve received to share with you as soon as possible. Be sure to bookmark this page and check in regularly as we will update deals as we receive information.

Colin Probst, B2B Hardware Editor

Black Friday may still be a few weeks away, but there are still some great permanent office deals on offer already.

We’ve been piecing together all the cheaper deals all weekend and into Cyber ​​Monday. Prices have already been reduced at all major stores across the US and UK, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, John Lewis, and Newegg to name a few.

If you need a furniture upgrade, there’s no better time than this to consider switching to a standing desk. We’re keeping our eyes on top retailers for the entire Black Friday deals to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

There are huge savings on pre-assembled standing desks, but it’s also worth considering desk frames and surfaces, which are sold separately. They are easy to assemble (in fact, you often have to attach the top yourself if you buy a complete desk), and picking them up separately often results in an overall cheaper price.

We’ll keep this page updated with all the best deals as they come in, so bookmark it and come back often if you don’t see your dream permanent office.

Black Friday Standing Desk Deals (US)

Stand Desks $100 – $399

Permanent Desk Deals for Black Friday (UK)

Existing desks from £100 to £399

Standing desks 400 GBP +

Standing Desk Black Friday Deals: Our Expectations

When will permanent black friday office deals start?

Immediately! Black Friday is November 25 this year, but the permanent office deals run all weekend and into Cyber ​​Monday.

The explosive growth of Black Friday and its increasing popularity means that top-tier savings have also been seen in the surrounding days and weeks.

We’ve taken note of retailer’s shopping patterns and offers and found that the best deals hit stores at the start of Thanksgiving week. Furthermore, price cuts can be seen from mid-October, so you might be out of luck if you need a new permanent desk but don’t want to wait until the end of November. On the flip side, expect prices to stay low until Christmas and throughout the holiday season.

With standing desks becoming more popular than ever, especially with people who often work from home, we fully expect retailers to offer plenty of discounts during the entire sales season – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated the online shopping trend, driving up the demand for bargains throughout the Black Friday season. Need a guide? Just look at the data: Adobe found that the popularity of online shopping increased 50% between 2019 and 2020.

Where to Find the Best Permanent Black Friday Desk Deals?

There’s one easy way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best standing desk deals on Black Friday: Keep this page bookmarked and check back regularly. If you want to go online to find your own deals, there are plenty of major retailers worth visiting for permanent desk deals, and we’ve highlighted some of our favorites up top in this guide.

How to find the best standing desk deals

There are a few good rules to follow to ensure you get the best deals on Black Friday – whether you’re shopping for a new permanent desk or a new one. laptop (Opens in a new tab)or anything else.

What’s the best way to make sure you’re on top of things? Do your research before the best deals start showing up. When it comes to standing desks, you’ll have to take the time to figure out exactly what features you need in your new piece of furniture and what traits you’d like to leave behind to secure the best possible price. We’ve explained exactly what to look for below.

Far from the desks themselves, make sure you’re ready for the moment you sit down to buy your new product – because you’ll be better off if you’re ready to shop. While it is true that all major retailers tend to match their prices, they also try to outperform their competitors by offering free gifts and packages. These incentives can make a difference when you’re ready to apply.

We’ll be staying on top of the best permanent office deals this Black Friday and beyond, so keep this page bookmarked if you want to make sure you get the best discounts and deals. But if you want to go out on your own, check all the big retailers before cashing in.

It’s worth asking your network widely in terms of dates, especially if you want the best deal. The top Black Friday discounts tend to arrive the week of the event, but it’s common to see other good deals pop up throughout November and sometimes at the end of October.

If you decide to pounce on an earlier deal, consider keeping your standing desk boxed in until the best Black Friday deals pop up. You can easily see your desk has shrunk even further, and you can buy the cheaper model and repurchase the previous one for a refund – saving you even more cash.

How to choose the right standing desk

A standing desk is a niche set of gadgets that a lot of people have embraced over the past couple of years, and it pays to check the specs before rolling out a Black Friday deal.

The first thing to consider is the height of the desk. It is not a good idea to buy a standing desk if its maximum height will not be tall enough to stand and work comfortably. Likewise, keep in mind minimum height – you’ll want to sit sometimes too.

Make sure that the desk is big enough for your work environment and that it fits in the space allotted to it, and check the weight capacity: you don’t want to load it with monitors and find that it can’t handle the pressure.

Permanent offices use electric, manual or pneumatic adjustment systems. Think about which would be easiest for you to use, and make sure you have a spare plug if you go the electric route.

It is important to think about the environment around your office. If you use monitor arms, make sure they can easily attach to your desk. If you need a keyboard case, add one to your order – and consider a footrest. And if you’re buying a new standing desk, it’s probably worth upgrading to a new desk chair as well: You won’t be standing all the time, and comfortable support is essential no matter how you choose to work.

3 of the best standing desks to look for

When shopping for a standing desk, it pays to have an idea of ​​the top models and brands beforehand. These are three of the best standing desks we tested, so any Black Friday deals on them are worth investigating.

(Image credit: FlexiSpot)

Flexispot E7 (Updated)

The best standing desk we’ve tested when it comes to building quality and functionality


Writes: motorized

Height range: 22.8 – 48.4 in / 58 – 123 cm

desktop size: 47.2 x 23.6 – 82.6 x 31.4 inches / 120 x 60 – 210 x 80 cm

Weight lifting: 355 lbs / 161 kg

Reasons to buy


build quality


General office function


robotic legs


Integrated wireless charger

Reasons to avoid

The built-in wireless charger cannot be moved

The Flexispot E7 is a premium, height-adjustable standing workstation that offers a stunning curved workplace at an affordable price.

There is a built in wireless charger on the left side of the bamboo deck.

One such improvement is the built-in wireless charger on the left side of the desk. While incorporating this into the office is very useful in some situations, others may find it difficult to use due to the inability to move.

All in all, it goes beyond what we’d expect from a standing desk. Don’t forget to invest in a good office chair if you want to work in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Read the full review: Flexpot E7

Uplift V2 standing desk with hammock placed underneath

(Image credit: Uplift)

Lift V2.0

Best standing desk overall


Writes: motorized

Height range: 25.5 – 51.1 in / 65-130 cm

desktop size: 42 x 30 – 80 x 30 inches / 106.7 x 76.2 – 203 x 76.2 cm

Weight lifting: 355 lbs / 161 kg

Reasons to buy


Excellent build quality


Smooth and Quiet Engines


Many size and color options


Lots of mounting points for accessories

Reasons to avoid

Expensive international shipping

Lift V2.0 It is one of the best permanent offices that benefits from first class build quality and prides itself on stability. An issue that can be found in some standing desks is that they can be a bit shaky, especially when extended to higher levels. The Uplift is quite stable, though, thanks to the built-in stability brackets.

Dual motors mean the desk can change heights quickly, with smooth, quiet motion, and anti-collision technology is also present (meaning if the desk goes down and hits something—like your chair, or God forbid, your head—stop).

The desk also makes use of several mounting points for accessories, with some nice extras that can be attached to this thing – including a hammock under the desk (yes, you read that right – it attaches underneath when the desk is fully raised). If there is any evidence you need for this unit to be stable, it is capable of sleeping in a hammock underneath!

There are plenty of options for desktop sizes and colors (and window colors indeed), you get built-in cable management, and there are curved or angled desk models. The products are backed by a great seven-year warranty as well.

The Uplift is available in standard and commercial desk versions (the latter has more stability thanks to the crossbar), and those outside the US can order a unit shipped. However, it will be delivered as “palletized freight” and may be expensive – so the manufacturer suggests buying an Uplift frame only and sourcing your desktop locally.

Read the full review: Lift V2.0

The permanent office of the branch

(Photo source: the branch)

The permanent office of the branch

Best all-in-one permanent office


Writes: motorized

Height range: 25-52 inches / 64-132 cm

desktop size: 48 x 30 inches / 122 x 76.2 cm

Weight lifting: 275 lbs / 124 kg

Reasons to buy


Longest extension level


Stain and shock resistant desktop


easy to assemble

There is a lot to like about The permanent office of the branch (Opens in a new tab)It is a versatile piece of furniture in many ways. For starters, it rises to the highest level of desks on this tour, and as Branch notes, this stationary desk provides a stable work surface for people 6 feet 8 inches tall.

The melamine desktop is stain-resistant and impact-resistant, so it should be safe from spills or other accidents. In addition, the lifting motion is nicely smooth when the desk is raised using dual motors, and the three-stage column system ensures stability even at the highest levels this desk can reach (adjustable legs help with this goal as well).

You get four memory presets for different much-needed heights and cable management facilities, too. There are some useful optional extras, such as in-office power outlets (and USB ports), moreover, the sub-office is easy to assemble.

There are two different versions – a Team Plus model and an executive desk that is the same depth but wider (60 inches instead of 48 inches). With a reasonably affordable asking price and a 10-year warranty, this office furniture may tempt you. The only downside to this desk is that you can’t pick it up right away. You will have to ask for it and wait patiently.

Read the full review: The permanent office of the branch

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