TechnologyA trip to China: an adventure in artificial intelligence technology

A trip to China: an adventure in artificial intelligence technology


The high-quality development was highlighted at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Innovation in science and technology will continue to play a major role. Today, artificial intelligence in China is developing rapidly and is widely applied in many fields. This time, the protagonist thought bubble, who read a lot about the development of artificial intelligence in China, traveled to China. Let’s hit his vlog to see what happened to him with AI tools in China!

The cartoons mentioned in this video are:

Smart technology prevents COVID-19 in games

Brilliant technology in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic venues

No Dream: Chinese Technology Today

A Smarter Future: China’s New Infrastructure

Publisher: Yuan Shen

First product: Wei Wei

Editor in Chief: Ge Jing

Supervisor: Ma Jing

The image of the protagonist of the novel Thought Bubble was designed by Ricardo Galvão.

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