7 “Best” AI Transcription Software and Services

7 “Best” AI Transcription Software and Services

One of the most useful capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is a smart transcription software, which automatically converts audio and video files into text. This enables you to do things like create copies of a wide range of online content, such as podcasts, videos, meetings, online courses, and more.

AI transcription software and services rely on a branch of AI called natural language processing (NLP), the study and application of technologies and tools that enable computers to process, analyze, interpret, and infer human language. An interdisciplinary field, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) combines techniques established in a variety of fields such as linguistics and computer science.

AI transcription software and services play a key role in helping companies carry out a wide range of tasks, such as marketing products, and they are opening up to new customers.

There are many great AI transcription software and services to choose from in the market, such as:

One of the best AI transcription services in the market, Sonix is ​​a multilingual automated transcription service. Businesses can use Sonix to transcribe, organize, and search video and audio files.

The advanced software can transcribe 30 minutes of audio or video in just three to four minutes, which is very useful for industries that need fast and accurate transcription. Since automated texts can sometimes lose words, Sonix makes it possible to review and edit texts.

The tool includes features like the online editor, which you can use to clean up the text while listening to the audio. It also provides word confidence levels, which highlight words it thinks could use additional revisions due to low confidence. On top of all these great features, you can highlight and skip text to select focus areas for later review.

The automated program provides tools that allow you to drag and drop files from your local computer, or the program can copy files stored on platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The review is further improved with text and audio synchronization, allowing the user to hear the audio from any exact moment.

Some of the other features that Sonix offers include speaker naming, which allows you to easily name who said what. There is also an automated diary system, where Soni automatically selects speakers and separates exchanges into different paragraphs.

Here are some of the main features of Sonix:

  • Highlights words and defines confidence accuracy
  • The possibility of multiple users
  • Transcribes 30 minutes of audio in 3-4 minutes
  • Drag and drop
  • speaker tag

Another great option for an AI transcription service is Speak, which provides you with multiple ways to collect important audio or video data. You can use Speak to create custom embeddable audio and video recorders, record directly in the app, and easily upload locally stored files.

Speak also allows you to generate dashboard reports and capture audio, video, and text data at scale. The tool ensures that you do not lose important information hidden in your calls, interviews, recordings and videos. The AI ​​engine automatically copies and identifies important keywords, topics, and sentiment trends.

Another benefit of Speak is that it helps you easily share results and break down data silos. Create comprehensive data repositories and create custom, shareable media repositories with your scripts, AI analysis, and visualizations, all bundled together in one place.

Here are some of the main features of the Speak AI app:

  • Identify the selected entity
  • deep search
  • APIs and integrations
  • media management
  • Dashboard reports and audio capture

Otter is one of the best AI transcription services on the market. With the tool available on desktop, Android and iOS devices, you can transcribe voice conversations. The company offers several different plans, each with its own unique set of features.

One of these features allows users to automatically record and transcribe conversations using their phone or computer. The other provides the ability to recognize and distinguish between different speakers.

With Otter, you can edit and manage texts right in the app, and audio recordings can be played at different speeds. Pictures and various other content can also be applied in ripping, and you can import audio and video files that can then be transcribed.

The interface of the platform is easy to use and well designed, including important tools like record button, import button, and recent activity log. It also provides a handy tutorial to help guide users.

Some of the main features of Otter include:

  • Intuitive and well designed
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Direct management within the app
  • Play audio at different speeds
  • Transfers conversations automatically

One of the best options for AI transcription software is Fireflies, an AI voice assistant that helps transcribe, take notes, and complete actions during meetings. The tool enables you to instantly record meetings across any web conferencing platform, and you can easily invite others to your meetings to record and share conversations.

To record live meetings or audio files, you just have to upload them. You can then read the texts while listening to the audio.

One of the best aspects of Fireflies is that it facilitates collaboration by allowing you to add comments or select specific parts of calls for your teammates. When reviewing texts, you can review an hour’s call in as little as five minutes. The tool enables you to search through items and other important things.

Fireflies also offers integrations and APIs, a Chrome extension, and an easy-to-use control panel.

Some of the main features of Fireflies include:

  • A meeting bot can automatically join calls
  • chrome extension
  • Copy the audio files inside the dashboard
  • Record meetings instantly
  • Read texts while listening to audio

Revi is one of the most accurate AI transcription services on the market. It can be used by any company of any size and helps to maximize the value of the content. With Rev, you can also make your brand easier to reach and grow your audience. Rev has been used by some of the biggest names in the game, such as Spotify.

Rev trains their speech models with over 50,000 hours of human-written audio content to deliver the most accurate speech recognition engine. With the tool, you can scale up to 31 languages ​​to meet a global audience.

Rev offers a wide range of services, such as human transcription, automated transcription, video captions, subtitles, and much more.

Users say that Rev’s documentation is easy to follow, very complete, and the API works flawlessly. They also take care that the process is straightforward, which makes it useful for every type of user.

Some of the main features of Rev include:

  • Translate global translations
  • Live Zoom Comments
  • Human and machine transcription
  • direct operation
  • Practice over 50,000 hours of human written audio content

Verbit.ai is nearing the end of our list, which offers an ever-growing set of tools to enable accessible and compliant meetings and events. It also helps in accelerating progress and productivity within your company.

Some of the services Verbit offers include live translation and transcription, captions, audio description, translation and subtitles. Verbit combines workforce and technology to deliver highly accurate results.

The tool can be used by any industry, but it is especially useful for media companies, educational institutions, and courts. Speech-to-text packages are designed to serve specific markets, with plans for corporate education, court reporting, education and media production.

Verbit provides access to advanced AI voice recognition technology for faster transcription and fast results. Its AI algorithms adapt to the unique signatures of sound by creating audio, linguistic, and contextual event models. It can also distinguish between accents, reduce background noise, and identify terms associated with current and relevant news issues.

Some of the key features of Verbit include:

  • Real-time status information with Verbit Cloud Gateway
  • Clean and simple interface
  • 99% accuracy
  • Live translation and transcription
  • Translation and translation

Closing our list of the best AI transcription software and services is scribie, which has a 4-step transcription process to achieve consistently 99% accuracy. Some of the other services of the tool include secret access, an online editor, and many additional functions.

The online editor is browser-based and allows you to check text and make changes quickly, while plugins include SRT/VTT files, literal strict scripts, audio time encoding, BITC, start/end time, and more.

The process is simple and easy. You first upload or import any type of spoken audio/video file before choosing an automated or manual service and payment. All that’s left to do is use the online editor to check and download the texts.

Scribie has been used by major names in business and technology, such as Oracle, Google, airbnb, stripe and Netflix.

Some of the key features of Scribie include:

  • Fast service and low error rate (<1%)
  • 4-step process (copy, review, audit, quality check)
  • Add-ons
  • Online Browser Editor
  • secret access


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