TechnologyFintechZong to offer NFC, prepaid credit cards, Internet payment solutions in Pakistan

Zong to offer NFC, prepaid credit cards, Internet payment solutions in Pakistan

According to reports, Zong customers NFC payments from other sources, to buy stuff online will allow Pakistanis that is working on a new service, we have learned through sources.

According to a presentation of the project, a well placed substantial obtained through reliable sources, like Zong Pakistan only work for users of cards that allow you to make payments via the Internet that is planning to offer a service credit cards.
These prepaid cards, Zong in sales and sales network spread across the country are available. In addition, users can load their prepaid cards – they can use to buy stuff online – via their mobile balance, making the whole process much easier and smoother.

The facility primarily credit cards and debit cards at merchants, Pakistan is currently not available via the Internet through a solution that will allow the country to collect payments in e-commerce solutions for the industry long-term disruption.

Even in 2016 – – Ministry of IT, PTA, PSEB, Pasha, PAS and local banks in Pakistan for failure to pay a viable solution for Internet merchants have to live without .
The country will change.

Retail stores and online e-commerce industry trends with increasing number of Pakistan, the country will allow merchants to accept online payments that may have been left without a viable solution that is a shame. . Zong effort will greatly help the industry.

According to Zong, Warid Internet and NFC payment solution in the next 45 days will be launched on the market with-confirmed.

Virtual and Physical these cards online merchants to sell items quickly accepted for payment for prepaid company will also provide a facility.

According to a slide, to offer such as banking and payment processing operators will then partner Zong infrastructure partners, output:

That can be used in stores physical Visa prepaid card
Digital web-based virtual prepaid card for payment
Integrated NFC SIM card prepaid account / credit card, debit the payment, NFC payment virtual card




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