Ziauddin University celebrate its 25 years by inviting alumni across the globe to Grand Alumni Reunion

The year 2021 marked the 25th Anniversary of Ziauddin University founded in 1996 by Dr. Asim Hussain and the family, who extended the legacy of their great grandfather, Sir Ziauddin Ahmad in Pakistan.

On the auspicious occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Ziauddin Alumni from across the globe united from 18th to 25th December for a 25th Grand Alumni Reunion. The event featured a range of exciting talks from the senior alumni including the Scientific Session on Research, Education, and the Way Forward. Over 250 alumni registered for the hybrid event of Gala Dinner on Saturday 25th December at a local Hotel and received a wide appreciation and response. The event opened with a Recitation from Holy Quran, played the national anthem and ZU Anthem, and the welcome address by the Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Abbas Zafar. Alumni members paid a tribute to the deceased alumni, students, faculty, and Ziauddin Family members.

The Chancellor, Dr. Asim Hussain appreciated the participation of senior alumni in the Grand Alumni Reunion and invited them to come back and participate in giving back to the country in healthcare research, innovation, and service delivery. He also emphasized the importance of alumni association with the alma mater and highlighted the achievements of Ziauddin University over the years.

Dr. Asim Hussain also shared his early experiences of founding the university and how this curation of legacy was the undertaking that was both personally and professionally important for him and his family’s vision for the future. The event was graced by the speeches of the Vice-Chancellor and founding faculty members, and the presentation by the Founding President Ziauddin University Alumni Association (ZUAA) Dr. Kamran Iqbal, followed by the dinner. The university remembers the contribution of Dr. Aijaz Fatima, Dr. Tajammul Hussain. Professor Naeem A. Jafarey, the founding Vice-Chancellor of Ziauddin Medical College who transformed the culture of the university with his exemplary leadership.

“It was a great event and connected 25 years of journey,” says Prof. Dr. Rubina Hussain Chairperson OB&GY. “Thank you for providing us with these amazing opportunities to connect! I loved the talks and the networking opportunities – and especially the virtual platform! I really enjoyed participating!” commented the alumni member.

A number of overseas alumni also participated via a zoom link reported that they were delighted to come back to their alma mater virtually, “The combination of the platform, inspirational talks and networking has renewed their connection with the university and their enthusiasm for the network. They are all looking forward to the next reunion, which they hope will be in 2022”.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmad was a great polymath, philosopher-scientist, politician, and luminary of the Pakistan Movement and widely considered as the torchbearer of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s mission of education-based reform of the Muslim world which led to the creation of Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Ziauddin was chosen as the first VC and the Rector of the Aligarh Muslim University where he was the longest-serving VC during which Aligarh Muslim University students played a key role in the making of Pakistan. Sir Ziauddin Ahmad’s family in Pakistan embodied his legacy by the creation of Ziauddin University which not only honors his name but also aspires to fulfill his vision and mission in the modern, present, and future context of Pakistan. Ziauddin University currently embodies full-fledged 16 different schools with nursing and medical college the oldest schools and its 7000+ alumni across the world.

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