Press Releasewi-tribe launched Wi Net TV in Pakistan

wi-tribe launched Wi Net TV in Pakistan

Looking at the demand for streaming media content on the handheld devices after the 3G/4G coming out in Pakistan, wi-tribe aimed to take this sector and recently launched its Wi Net TV in Pakistan, a web and app based streaming service offering more than 150 channels. The company tells its services are the best and offer more number of channels than its competitors. With many built-in options Video on demand is a nice thing for users and the can access these services on their devices.

A music or podcast preferring person gets Online Radio Streaming also and supported on all main platforms including iOS/Android/Web so what you use be it smart phone or  PC, you can access it. It is the claim of company that Wi Net TV giving maximum value for money with its new approach and also with the built-in applications and easy access. TV streaming on various devices is bringing up many options for users in Pakistan.

Wi Net TV Features:

  • Monthly Fee
    • For wi-tribe users: Rs. 100 per month
    • For non wi-tribe users: Rs. 100 per month
  • Channels: 150
  • Video on Demand: Yes
  • Simultaneous viewing: on up to 3 devices
  • Supported platforms: Web, Android and iOS
  • Radio Streaming: Yes
  • Indian Channels: Yes


Check out Wi-Net TV.


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