TechnologyWatch the clip AI-Created - Billboard

Watch the clip AI-Created – Billboard

Last Wednesday (October 19), painting I sat down with singer-songwriter and humanitarian Julian Lennon to discuss his new songs video song For “Lucky Ones”, The White Feather Foundation, and more. The video, which premiered on Monday (October 24), lives at the intersection of art, technology and beauty, depicting the love of music that brings people of different cultures together as they take steps to bring our environment back to health.



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“Lucky Ones” was directed by David Dutton and created with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Disco Diffusion, and Stable Diffusion. The team started by using Google Notebook Colab to write AI code to the shots they took and animate them on a green screen.

When asked how he decided to use artificial intelligence, Dutton said paintingChoosing to use AI wasn’t just an experiment to create something amazing (although we think it is!), but a tool to carry on the great vision we had for this music video. It’s amazing how we’ve been able to improve visual narration with descriptive words. Technology is groundbreaking And it changes every week. It’s exciting to see what the creators will do next.”

In 2007, Lennon founded White Feather Foundation To address environmental and humanitarian issues. It was created with the intent of working with partners around the world to raise money for the betterment of whole lives and to honor those who have made a difference. Over the years, he has devoted his time to working on creative projects across mediums such as music, photography, documentaries, children’s books, and more, while donating most of his profits to the foundation.

“Lucky Ones” is the single currently on the radio in Julian Lennon’s latest full song, quality. The album was released 11 years after the artist stopped releasing new music.



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