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Netflix, giant in television industry expanded to 190 countries and its Internet TV is being made available in 130 new markets and it came out that to allow users for a full list of genres on Netflix there are codes on the website which are hidden.
There is usually a limited number of genres the users can search through based on the detection of user’s preference the site detects. But people can choose from the full list of the various categories that site offers from the codes shown by the websites.
There is a numerical code associated with a Netflix genre page. The four digits at the end are changed for different IDs when searching for something different. Some websites namely Ogres-Crypt and a Gizmodo provided list supply lists of codes for all the genres and sub-genres and any specific groups the website may offer. To access all the hidden categories o Netflix, just punch in the right codes.

The Netflix Pakistan website provides users to watch TV shows and movies for $7.99 a month, with a free month offer.

Netflix, which is California-based, was started as a mail-order DVD service but now is the producer of award winning original content and its offering of older shows and movies launched in 2007.
Pakistani users can now stream TV shows and movies for just $7.99 per month with a month free trial before subscription.

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