Vislink to showcase the latest AI solutions for direct monetization

Vislink to showcase the latest AI solutions for direct monetization

a company Will release new AI Clipping Tool It will appear Latest updates for IQ Sports Product

Monaco, October 20, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – Vislink (Nasdaq: VISL), a global technology leader in capturing, delivering, and managing high-quality live video, will showcase associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement and defense markets, its latest AI solutions to monetize live sports content. in Sportl Monaco 2022 (Booth No. A32) from October 24 to October 26. The company will present its latest work AI clippers studio Toolkit, as well as showcasing its latest updates to the Artificial Intelligence Center IQ Sports Product the system. In addition, Vislink launched a newly integrated partnership with sports OTT provider, StreamViral, at the show.

Sportel is the global leader in sports and technology media rights. It’s the perfect place for Vislink to show how automated AI solutions can help capture and broadcast more compelling sports content while engaging and expanding audiences – and doing so at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Sportel’s debut will be Vislink AI Clipper Studio The toolkit, which uses the power of artificial intelligence to identify key sports moments from real-time content for users to clip from TV programming or post to online platforms. Clipper Studio features feature builder, clip export to social media and EVS tagging, allows rapid build of highlight packages, provides rapid social media publishing and revolutionizes automated event-driven replay production workflows that reduces storage space costs .

Facelink IQ Sports Product (IQ-SP) It provides high-quality live sports production driven by an artificial intelligence engine to track sports events and produce exciting and engaging productions. IQ-SP allows sporting events to be produced without the need for a film crew or director on location. It’s designed for tournaments and sports that don’t have a major film crew budget. The I.Q-xcam Pro is a panoramic camera that features iris, lens alignment, and zoom control to create the perfect panorama of a sports stadium without wasting pixels, no matter how far the camera is from the stadium. In addition, intelligent iris control allows the camera to look at the sun without overexposure, and creates an image with even lighting across the entire length and width of the stadium.

In addition to the IQ-xCam, the IQ-SP now has the ability to use a range of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to capture live events with the highest quality optics and encode AI-oriented content for live streaming platforms. This provides users with the highest quality imaging by customizing the full frame of the sports action PTZ camera image at full broadcast frame rates. Moreover, a simple overview camera allows the AI ​​engine to direct the PTZ broadcast camera to the heart of the sporting event.

To provide live commentary on the on-site action, Vislink complements video production with an application that allows voiceover to be overlayed and synced to the live video. The commentator can even work remotely while still providing a co-timed discussion about the excitement of the match. The app also includes tools to allow live updates of the production scoreboard and video content for replaying the motion. This satisfies another important aspect that is required to deliver a premium and all-encompassing sports production experience to the viewer.

The new partnership with StreamViral allows content captured from IQ-SP to be easily customized to allow for a range of subscriptions, video-on-demand (VOD), sponsored promotions, fixtures and historical archives for a club, league or association. The system not only provides a visually appealing front end for esports consumption but also comes with a feature-rich administrative backend for clubs to be able to understand their users and enable a more targeted approach to their marketing and promotional activities to increase fan engagement. Additional information about the Vislink / StreamViral partnership can be found on this link.

About Vislink Technologies, Inc.
Vislink is a global technology company specializing in the collection, delivery, and management of high-quality live video and associated data from the event scene to the display. For the broadcast markets, Vislink provides solutions for gathering live news, sports and entertainment events. Vislink also supplies the surveillance and defense markets with real-time video intelligence solutions using a variety of customized transmission products. With its Mobile Viewpoint product lines, Vislink also provides live broadcasting solutions using interconnected cellular, 5G and AI technologies for automated production of news and sports. Vislink shares are traded in common stock on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “VISL”. For more information visit

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