Pride of PakistanUS Embassy lauds Pakistani engineer for his contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020...

US Embassy lauds Pakistani engineer for his contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 mission

Pakistani engineers and scientists have exactly been forming an influence on the international level. In the newest example of an achievement of heroic percentage, award-winning open-source engineer Ahmed Awais has been acknowledged by the US Embassy for his significant endowment to NASA’s Mars 2020 legation.

Awais has derived a code subscription to the software reliable for working NASA’s inventiveness Helicopter, which formed history this year by becoming the first-ever managed flight mission in a globe outside the Earth.

Since all of the initiators who performed on this historic project accepted an exceptional GitHub emblem for their subscriptions. Although, Awais has also involved the unique club of Pakistanis who have attained a Gold GitHub Stars Award.

The extraordinary god gifted skill engineer described in a blog post that his main inspiration behind granting to the Mars 2020 mission was his fascination for space observation, which is something that he has been attracted by ever since boyhood.

He added that when he was a child, he wanted to become a spaceman and observing space and whatnot. However, he was afraid of heights therefore whenever his mother told him, I had said I will resolve as a scientist who had to discover new things like a rocket.

He wrote more that he has begun to feel how far away, he was becoming a rocket scientist when he heard about the Elon Musk space exploration mission. Recently, Awais superb achievement has been acknowledged by the United State Embassy, which showed to Facebook currently to highlight his effort.

Pakistani developers are really creating their indication on the world. The post is pure appreciation for his subscriptions on the ingenuity Helicopter.


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