Ufone Responds with Acceptable Curves of Faisal Qureshi

Ufone responded long the same venture of Mobilink displaying Nargis Fakri on front pages of local news papers but with lesser acceptable curves for advertising its U5a Smartphone which is selling for Rs.5,999.

Both re popular for humorous TV and print ads they have been doing with success for over a decade till now. The funny ads like Saaf Awaaz have become their trade mark during recent years.

Bringing smile and capitalizing from the fame Nargis Fakhri received last week, Faisal Qurehshi, made an appearance on the front pages of local papers posing exactly the same and for reasons that cannot be mentioned here with much lesser curves.

Playing safe and not taking any chances of a backlash, the Islamic matching Topi  (cap) with Arabic cotton scarf (locally called as Rumaal) was worn by Faisal Qureshi.

Excuse me, Mobile Phone humara sasta aur behtar hay, says the tagline to give a loud and clear message along with all the fun.

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It can be said that Faisal Qureshi was successful in sparkling the nation, it is to be hoped that this was ad of the series is the last where models are asked for appearing in such poses.

It is still unsure as to the response of the Pakistani social media on this move, mainly those who objected to in-content ads and to the pose itself.

It also remains to be seen that if a man posing as such is disturbing equally as Nargis Fakhri or not?

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