What is Pakistan's national firewall, and how will it affect social media?

The Pakistani government is moving to take more stringent management measures Social media With the national firewall, a move that sparked mixed reactions.

This new measure aims to prevent unwanted content from reaching a wider audience, according to information from four different sources. The government is installing a national firewall around the world Internet providers or Internet providers To exercise greater control over social media, with the aim of preventing unwanted content from reaching a wider audience.

The firewall is reported to be currently installed and running. Previously, the government used similar techniques to block websites and social media apps. The new firewall will scan information from different IP addresses.

Pakistan National Firewall

With the primary goal of identifying sources of propaganda material and blocking or limiting the visibility of those sources, the government is working to take control of social media to a new level. Sources within the government claimed that the main focus will likely be on identifying the source of this propaganda to stop it at its source.

The keyword filtering system will detect content that is considered spam or poses a threat to national security, and potentially hide this content from external users.

In Pakistan, one of the leading social media apps X, formerly Twitter, has already been limited, with a human rights activist group calling for the ban to be lifted.

Since much about the firewall is still unknown, it is learned that the filtering system will apply to Facebook, YouTube, X, and Instagram.

Prime Minister Shehbaz seeks partnership with Chinese tech giant for Pakistan's sustainable digital future

ISLAMABAD/BEIJING – Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif began a five-day official visit to China with the aim of promoting economic cooperation in the field of export-oriented advanced technologies and innovation, high-tech development, and information and communications technology.

In his historic visit, Prime Minister Sharif reiterated his commitment to driving innovative, inclusive and sustainable digital transformation in Pakistan during his visit to Huawei Technologies Corporation's headquarters in Shenzhen today.

He praised Huawei's latest technical developments and called on the company to expand its investment portfolio in Pakistan. Discussions focused on how Huawei and Pakistan can collaborate to create a better digital future.

Upon his arrival, Huawei President Liang Hua welcomed Prime Minister Sharif and his accompanying delegation. The Prime Minister toured Huawei's exhibition center, where he praised the company's innovative operations and listened to briefings on various areas including e-government, digital banking, telecommunications and artificial intelligence. He also expressed his appreciation for the safe city projects in Pakistan that were completed with the help of Huawei.

In a bilateral meeting with Huawei Chairman, Prime Minister Sharif explained the Pakistani government's efforts to encourage investment and ease of doing business. Huawei has been encouraged to prioritize safe city projects in various Pakistani cities, especially those located within the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Prime Minister highlighted Pakistan's initiatives to digitize government offices and emphasized investment opportunities in sectors such as the tax system, e-governance and artificial intelligence.

Prime Minister Sharif also invited Huawei to invest in modern agricultural technology in Pakistan and invited Huawei Chairman to visit the country. Subsequently, a framework agreement was signed between the Pakistani Ministry of Information Technology and Huawei, under which Huawei will provide free IT training, including artificial intelligence, to 200,000 Pakistani youth. In addition, Huawei will support the creation of safe cities, e-governance, and digitalization of the economy in Pakistan. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huawei held a luncheon in honor of the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation.

'Best and Worst' Mobile Networks in Pakistan: Check PTA 2024 Survey here

ISLAMABAD – The telecom industry in Pakistan is witnessing a transformation that is affecting the business cases of this industry, profits and services are also changing and the National Telecommunications Authority has now shared a survey on The best and worst telecommunications networks.

The full survey was conducted over a two-month period in the first quarter of 2024, and assessed the performance of mobile network operators (CMOs) based on cellular mobile network quality of service (QoS) regulations. The survey includes 0.25 million mobile broadband tests, 45,000 calls and SMS, and 0.13 million Ookla speed tests.

Mobile networks are ranked in four positions in mobile network coverage, mobile broadband, voice and SMS services based on their level of compliance with thresholds set in the Quality of Service Regulations. PTA rated networks based on SMS, voice quality, mobile broadband, data, latency and web browsing.

Mobile networks in Pakistan

More than a dozen cities in Punjab, Sindh, Khwaja and Balochistan from January 1 to March 31 were included in the survey and 3G signal strength samples were recorded on the survey roads wherever the network switched to 3G while the mobile phone was in auto-detect mode.

The results showed that more than 300 calls failed during 20,485 connection attempts. 143 calls were dropped before the two minutes were completed, while 20,003 calls remained connected throughout the duration.

Furthermore, 20,433 SMS attempts were made, and 20,372 SMS messages were sent successfully.

Which telecom company has the largest number of users in Pakistan? Look at your subscriber base

Google News service is not available in Pakistan, and parts of the world; Check the latest updates here

Internet users in Pakistan and parts of the world cannot access it Google News Due to the technical difficulties of the leading search engine.

Google News, the News tab in Google Search, Google Discover, and Google Trends experienced technical issues on Friday, and people took to social media and other platforms to report the issues.

The issue started a few hours ago with Google News and now other services have trends that don't appear in several regions. Google's main search page is working, while the dedicated news section is not, affecting users' ability to access articles in a timely manner.

Google News not working

The technology giant Google has not yet shared the reason for the outage, while Internet users are confused about the glitch.

Reactions on social media

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iPhone 12 installation plans in Pakistan 2024

old Manzana The models remain very popular in the Pakistani market, where devices like the iPhone 12 continue to be appreciated for their affordability and functionality. iPhone Known for their solid build quality and smooth performance, older phones are still on the market.

Beyond design, Apple continues to offer software updates for older phones. The iPhone 12 was launched in 2020 and is still very popular due to its balance of modern features and its affordable price compared to the latest models.

iPhone 12 It comes with a powerful A14 Bionic chip, a high-quality dual camera system, and a sleek design. The latest features make it an attractive option for users who want an iPhone that can handle the high price of newer models. The device also has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with OLED technology, delivering vibrant colors and high contrast.

In Pakistan, the government imposed new taxes on imported mobile phones, including customs duties, regulatory fees, sales tax, and federal excise duties.

Latest iPhone 12 price in Pakistan

Apple iPhone 12 price reaches 175,600 in Pakistan in 2024.

iPhone 12 installations in Pakistan 2024

Duration amount
3 months 73,300 rupees
6 months 38,300 rupees
9 months Rs 26,100
12 Months 20,100 rupees

PTA tax for all iPhone models in Pakistan 2024

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