Tania Aidrus, former Google executive, returns to lead the Digital Pakistan project

Tania Aidrus, former CEO of Google search engine, has returned to lead the Digital Pakistan project, nearly four years after she stepped down from the main project due to the dual citizenship issue.

The technology pioneer, who has helped create many of the best apps and platforms, has once again joined the federal government’s digitization project as the PML-N-led government has taken an important step towards digital transformation by setting up a high-level committee led by Tania.

Mrs. Aidrus He has been appointed as regulator of Digital Commission of Pakistan, said a notification jointly issued by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.

The committee, headed by the Union Minister of State for Information Technology, will compile recommendations on the country’s digital infrastructure, ensuring transparency and efficiency in government operations.

Tania Aidrus

During the Imran Khan government, Tania got the key role of leading Pakistan’s transformation into a digital society.

Tania Aidarus received her MBA and MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and her BA from Brandeis University.

She began working in technology about 15 years ago, aiming to harness the Internet’s potential to break down information barriers and transform lives and economies.

She led product and payments management at Google’s Next Billion Users (NBU) division, helping developing countries transition to digital payments instead of cash.

She also served as Google’s Director of Emerging Markets in South Asia, where she oversaw operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from the headquarters in Singapore.

In 2017, Edros co-founded ClickDiagnostics, a mobile health diagnostics company that aims to connect patients in rural areas with healthcare experts.


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