PTA received 16,000+ telecom complaints in December

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) received 16,053 complaints from telecom consumers against various telecom and mobile operators in December 2023, of which 15,974 (99.5 percent) were resolved.

Official statements revealed that complaints have been received against various telecom operators including Mobile Network Operators (CMO), Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL), Long Distance International (LDI) operators, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operators, and Internet service providers. (ISP) during the month of November.

Mobile subscribers constitute a large proportion of the total telecom subscriber base. Therefore, the maximum number of complaints belongs to this sector. The total number of complaints against the OGC as of December was 15,583, of which 15,519 (99.6 percent) were resolved.


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According to PTA data, 6,755 complaints were received against Gas, of which 6,744 (99.8 percent) were resolved. In addition, 2,698 complaints were received against Telenor, of which 2,682 (99.4 percent) were resolved.

Likewise, 4,273 complaints were received against Zhong, of which 4,261 (99.7 percent) were addressed. A total of 1,835 complaints were received against Ufone, of which 1,811 (98.7 percent) were resolved.

The PTA also received 153 complaints against basic telephone communications, 146 of which were addressed during the month of December, with a resolution rate of 95.4 percent. In addition, 295 complaints were received against the ISP, of which 288 (97.6 percent) were addressed.


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