'Best and Worst' Mobile Networks in Pakistan: Check PTA 2024 Survey here

ISLAMABAD – The telecom industry in Pakistan is witnessing a transformation that is affecting the business cases of this industry, profits and services are also changing and the National Telecommunications Authority has now shared a survey on The best and worst telecommunications networks.

The full survey was conducted over a two-month period in the first quarter of 2024, and assessed the performance of mobile network operators (CMOs) based on cellular mobile network quality of service (QoS) regulations. The survey includes 0.25 million mobile broadband tests, 45,000 calls and SMS, and 0.13 million Ookla speed tests.

Mobile networks are ranked in four positions in mobile network coverage, mobile broadband, voice and SMS services based on their level of compliance with thresholds set in the Quality of Service Regulations. PTA rated networks based on SMS, voice quality, mobile broadband, data, latency and web browsing.

Mobile networks in Pakistan

More than a dozen cities in Punjab, Sindh, Khwaja and Balochistan from January 1 to March 31 were included in the survey and 3G signal strength samples were recorded on the survey roads wherever the network switched to 3G while the mobile phone was in auto-detect mode.

The results showed that more than 300 calls failed during 20,485 connection attempts. 143 calls were dropped before the two minutes were completed, while 20,003 calls remained connected throughout the duration.

Furthermore, 20,433 SMS attempts were made, and 20,372 SMS messages were sent successfully.

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