PTA has requested the Frequency Allocation Board to assign the 5G spectrum

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) recently wrote a letter to the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), initiating discussions on spectrum availability for the upcoming 5G auction.

In official correspondence, the PTA urged First Abu Dhabi Bank to hold a Board of Directors meeting, guided by the guidance of the Auction Advisory Committee.

The main agenda of this meeting is to evaluate and approve spectrum allocation for the impending 5G auction. The sources revealed that the Board of Directors of First Abu Dhabi Bank is preparing for this meeting scheduled to be held this week.

However, it has emerged that the absence of the CEO at First Abu Dhabi Bank contributed to some delays in the process. Despite this setback, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential outcomes of the upcoming board meeting.

The initiative to accelerate 5G deployment gained momentum during the recent meeting of the Auction Advisory Committee chaired by Hon’ble Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar. During this meeting, the committee directed the Frequency Allocation Council to quickly allocate spectrum for the fifth generation spectrum auction.

FAB was originally given a two-week timeline and was tasked with holding a board meeting to finalize the total spectrum allocation and frequency bands available for the 5G auction. However, more than a month has passed since the committee’s guidance and progress has been slower than expected.

Once FAB successfully allocates spectrum and the Auction Advisory Committee issues directives to the PTA, the latter will quickly begin the process of appointing an international advisor. Ministry of Information and Communications Technology officials hope that the appointment of international consultants will begin under the temporary system.

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