SwiftKey Symbols become a Custom-tailored App for Special Communication Requirements


SwiftKey has declared an extraordinary version of their application called SwiftKey Symbols. The application is adapted towards helping “non-verbal people with unique needs”. The SwiftKey group went to the choice to make this new application after a percentage of the colleagues experienced difficulty managing extreme autism in their families.

A Swiftkey for Autism?

SwiftKey Symbols is by all accounts the ideal thought to help with this issue. People who can’t make out words and letters can’t utilize a keyboard. The application settles this by utilizing a card based framework with each of the cards showing an image.

A comparative technique, image cards, are utilized to offer a mental imbalance some assistance with affecting people correspond with others. At the point when contrasted and a heap of cards, the SwiftKey application has a conspicuous favorable position. SwiftKey can make utilization of their logical language expectation motor to strong sentences from the picked images. Not constrained to language forecast, the application will likewise have the capacity to track a client’s day by day routine and adjust the image card format in like manner, making the most utilized images simpler to get to.

Special Communication Tool for Special People

The application is in reality the conspicuous answer for autism patients yet it can likewise people with other communicative ailments or issues. People like Stephen Hawking frequently utilize SwiftKey technology to speak with others. Images could be the ideal application for more youthful individuals with comparable issues like the Locked In Syndrome, by-birth deafness, voiceless and so forth. The application could be utilized for a totally distinctive range too. Uneducated individuals who can’t compose will likewise have the capacity to impart by utilizing the images cards.

Speech and Language Therapist from the Riverside School for Special Needs Students, Charlotte Parkhouse, helped with the improvement of this application, making it professionally confirmed for use in the aforementioned situations.

Features and Availability of Swifkey Symbols

The application has features like Symbol to sentence developer, next symbol prediction, audio playback, custom photo addition, new classification creation and day and time particular expectations. The application runs just on Android cell phones and tablets for the time being.

The application can be downloaded for nothing from the Play Store here.

In the relatively recent past, Samsung uncovered an application for Alzheimer’s patients. Swiftkey is additionally accomplishing something comparable here.

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