Special Technology Zones Authority is making the way for knowledge economy


The formation of the special Technology Zones Authority was a key step toward perceiving the dream of a comprehension economy said to the Federal Minister for Science and Technology. As reported by the website, he was talking during a meeting with Chairman Special Technology Zones Authority Amir Hashmi, the previous IBM profession list who was settled to this place by Prime Minister. 

These zones would applicable in the reform of the latest technology in the country and enhance exports said by the federal minister for Science and Technology.

He said developing new economic norms for the advancement of the country was one of the priorities of the Government. The formation of technology zones has guided overall global economic growth. The formation of these zones in Pakistan is an important requirement of the hour, said by the federal minister for Science and Technology. 


He added that these technology zones will give employment opportunities to the youth of the country and assist use their talent and skills in a productive way.

Talking during the session, the special Technology Zones Authority Chairman told that a total of fifty zones would be initiated in the country. The formation of these zones is being initiated from Islamabad and provincial capitals, said by the Chairman of the Special Technology Zone Authority.


The government first initiated to set up the Special Technology Zone Authority back in December 2020, with the final aim being to give help and comfort for the technology fields both in term of logistically and financially. These will automatically move more and more people and small and medium enterprises within the country to establish and deliver. The objective was to provide their lives ease by providing them the international standards furnished outside of Pakistan. In this way, they can grow within the country. 

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