Press ReleaseSECP issues a Guidebook for formation and licensing of NBFC

SECP issues a Guidebook for formation and licensing of NBFC

In order to facilitate the prospective investors of Non-Banking Finance Sector and as part of its objective to promote ease of doing business, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has issued a procedural guide on formation and licensing of Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs).

Available on the SECP’s website, this guidebook provides comprehensive information on the procedure for formation, incorporation and licensing of the NBFCs, applicable fees, important pre-requisites, reference to the relevant legal provisions, forms and formats.

The Guide covers applicable requirements for formation and licensing of Fund Management NBFCs as well as Lending NBFCs. Fund Management NBFCs provide services including Asset Management, Investment Advisory, REIT Management, Private Equity & Venture Capital management and Pension Fund Schemes. Lending NBFCs provide services including Investment Finance Services, Discounting, Housing Finance, Microfinance and Leasing.

By consolidating all the applicable requirements at one place, the Guidebook would make it easier for the prospective investors to understand and comply with the applicable regulatory regime.

The guidebook can be accessed at


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