Samsung introduces the world’s first 8K wireless projector

Samsung introduces the world's first 8K wireless projector

Samsung’s CES 2024 TV ads so far have highlighted the company’s commitment to 8K display technology — a commitment that extends to projectors as well.

Samsung’s quartet of ultra-short-throw projectors at CES includes the first 8K model. The new 8K projector will be joined by a portable model, alongside updated versions of The Premiere LSP7T and The Premiere LSP9T, the latter of which is the top choice for audio in our best 4K projectors guide.

As with previous Samsung projectors, all new models will have the company’s built-in Smart Hub for streaming. A new feature arriving with the 2024 lineup is the Samsung Gaming Hub, which provides cloud-based access to thousands of gaming titles from services like Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Utomik. When the display is turned off, the new models can be used as smart speakers to stream music, and they come equipped with Lightwarp, a display mapping technology that lets you turn any object in the room into an interactive touch screen.

Premiere 8K

Samsung’s flagship projector for 2024 is The Premiere 8K. This model uses the wireless One Connect Box with Wi-Fi 7 support to wirelessly transmit up to 8K video to the projector within a 10-meter range. Image size extends up to 150 inches when placed just 12 inches from a wall or screen, and brightness from a triple-laser DLP projector is capped at an impressive 4,000 lumens.

Along with a big, bright 8K picture, the Premiere 8K has built-in 8.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound powered by 100 watts of power. On-screen audio technology is used to raise sound from the projector to the screen area, resulting in a more realistic cinematic experience, according to Samsung.

Samsung’s design for the Premiere 8K combines metal and wood, with rounded corners for a more living room-friendly look. It features auto tilt, autofocus and side-lever height adjustment for easy setup, and comes with a cap to protect the lens when it’s off.

First show 5

Samsung says the new Premiere 5 is the world’s most compact triple-laser ultra-short projector, and at just 8 inches high, 5.5 inches wide and deep, that certainly seems to be the case.

Designed for mobile use, Premiere 5 can display a 100-inch image when 17 inches from a wall and features automatic keystone, focus, and color balance. The included table stand allows it to be displayed on a table, desk, or other horizontal surface, turning that surface into an interactive touch screen for games or educational applications.

Premiere 7 and Premiere 9

The new Premiere 7 and Premiere 9 offer increased brightness over their predecessors the LSP7T and LSP9T and come with a Quantum 4K Processor for enhanced images. Both models now also feature Dolby Atmos processing, which should result in improved audio compared to the very good performance offered by Samsung’s previous The Premiere models.

Samsung’s 8K wireless projector is one worth checking out

While all of Samsung’s new projectors being introduced at CES are special in their own way — just think of the capabilities of this portable model with Lightwarp — the Premiere 8K is the one that will be most interesting to movie fans and gamers. And with a brightness of 4,000 lumens, Samsung’s 8K projector matches the light output of the ultra-fast Epson LS800, making it a viable option for watching sports during the day too.

True 8K content isn’t widely available outside of YouTube, which means Premiere 8K will mostly upscale 4K or lower-resolution content to 8K. However, Samsung has extensive experience with the process, and is able to make 4K content on 8K TVs look better than it does on a 4K TV – something we discovered in our review of the Samsung QN900C 8K Neo QLED TV.

When using a 100-inch or larger screen — which Premiere 8K can handle with ease — the benefits of 8K are clear. True 8K movies at home still seem a long way off, but 8K gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and with a built-in Game Center for cloud-based gaming, Samsung’s flagship ultra-short-throw projector looks set to be a gaming machine — one that brings the added benefit of wireless connectivity. .

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