StartupsA Complete Beginners Guide to Register a Company in Pakistan

A Complete Beginners Guide to Register a Company in Pakistan


  1.  Overview of Legal organization in Pakistan
  2.  Types of Legal organization in Pakistan
  3.  How to register a company in Pakistan
  4.  Substitute to company registration in Pakistan

There are many of causes why to finance in Pakistan. Some of its main advantages add low opposition, a huge population, and a rapidly rising economy.

In this article, you will know an overview of different legal organization that is present for oversea investors. We will also discuss the step-by-step education to company registration in Pakistan. The information showed continues to convert depending on the laws and modifications assembled in Pakistan. We revise our column accordingly.

Acknowledged Oversea Ownership in Pakistan

Unlike many other parallel markets, Pakistan is very appreciative of overseas investors. Due to negative international perception, the country has specially extended up to abroad investment over the past years. For an instance, you can even import some items without obtaining an import license. Furthermore, overseas investors can establish fully hundred percent oversea-owned institution in most business lines. The partners can be of any citizenship exclude for Israeli nationals.

Minimum Money Requirement in Pakistan

There are two sorts of share capitals in Pakistan first one is authorized capital and the second one is paid-up capital. Both capitals must be described in the Articles of collaboration when you enroll your company. Paid-up capital is the amount of money that the organization gains from its partners. On the other side, authorized capital is the maximum amount of investment wealth that the organization is permitted to approve to announce to its partners.

There is no specific minimum amount required for the private limited organization in Pakistan. For this reason, a common practice is to assume one hundred thousand Pkr as the lowest capital. In reality, although, the paid-up capital you insert must comply with your designed expenses. However, you design on assembling an industry for your business, you must also have ample wealth for that.

Types of Legal Organization in Pakistan

More and more overseas investors acknowledge Pakistan as a market to finance in. In March 2018, overseas finance in Pakistan enhanced by USD one hundred and fifty-three USD. It is supposed to develop by 17.2% by 2020. If you are thinking to finance in Pakistan. Therefore, here are the types of legal organizations that you can select from.

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Private Limited Company

An overseas capitalist can establish completely Oversea-owned private limited companies in Pakistan. The minimum number of partners required to enroll on this kind of organization is two. Any overseas citizen can be a participant in this kind of company but exclude those coming from Israel. In general, one hundred thousand Pkr is supposed to be the minimum amount need. Although, take note that the real minimum amount you require to insert relies on your organized expenses.

Another basic requirement is that the entered address of the organization’s office must be established in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the standard company liability time is just six weeks. The registration is also subject to acceptance from the Board of Investment and you also require to get permission from the Ministry of Interior.

Single Member Company

Oversea investors, Even Israel nationals can also establish a single-member institution in Pakistan with only one partner. Just like a limited responsibility company, you can also install a single-member company in Pakistan with a minimum amount of one hundred thousand rupees. The standard time of establishment is just four weeks and also ensures that the entered address of the institution will be in Pakistan.

Public Limited Company

In general, a public limited company has its stakes gave to the general public. Those stakes are with limited responsibility. Anyone can get the stakes. It may be through a public providing or through investing in the stock market. There are two types of public limited companies in Pakistan first one is the unlisted and the second one is listed.

How to enroll in an institution in Pakistan

Here are five steps to follow how-to enroll the organization in Pakistan.

Step 1: Compliance of Company Name

This is the very first step of company registration in Pakistan is picking the company’s name. It is significant to originate a unique company name that would establish you distant from the rest in the field. You must pursue the limitation and recommendation. For instance, you must ensure that your company’s name does not involve any restrain words.

Step 2: Entry of Documents

Once the company name obtains the compliance, you require to add the confederation documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Step 3: Certificate of confederation

After entering the documents, the Securities and Exchange Commission assesses them. They estimate their effectiveness. A digital signature is allowed by the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies and can be needed through the Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, they provide the certificate of confederation. Presentation of the company may be acquired. Although, this bases on where the business initiated.

Step 4: Deposit of Shares

After the enrollment, partners must place their equal amount of stakes in the company’s bank account.

Step 5: Enrollment of Revenue, Trading, and Executive Taxes

In the end , the final step of corporation enrollment in Pakistan is the enrollment with the Federal Board of Revenue and the point of a national tax number. A sales tax enrollment number may be submitted if relevant.

Replacement to company enrollment in Pakistan

Branch Office

A branch office is an appropriate adaption to company enrollment if your company desires to have an existence in Pakistan without establishing a separate legal body. Branches following out a contract in Pakistan can be installed. Although, a branch office cannot involve in any commercial or trading activities of whatever nature. Therefore, your activities rely on the contract you indicated. The contract regulates your activities.

The parent company keeps a hundred percent of the branch office in the country of launch. Since it is not a restricted responsibility company, it does not need any minimum amount either.

Process time for the enrollment acquire seven weeks. The permit can be applied for one to five years if it has an agreement from the Board of Investment.

Liaison Office

If you want to improve your items in Pakistan, you can establish a hundred percent foreign-owned connection office here. Besides items marketing, you can also give technical advice and support, discover the various possibilities of joint contribution and export marketing in Pakistan. Although, this type cannot gain in commercial or trading activities and it does not specify any amount.

A liaison office can only operate according to the providing of the contract or the task. While part of the contract affirms that you can only give technical support and product advertisement. You cannot use in export advertisement and other projects. It is relevant to the branch office. So, there will be no shareholding since it is keeping to be in the country of contact only.

The standard time for setting a liaison office in Pakistan is seven weeks. Therefore, once allowed you are acknowledge will have a limitation period of one to five years. Also, the Board of Investment requires to accept it.

How to begin with company enrollment in Pakistan?

If you are thinking of finance in Pakistan and get in touch with Emerhub and we will control the procedure of company enrollment on your behalf.

All you require to dispatch us to get initiated is

  • Investment of total amount
  • Passport copies of the stakeholders
  • suggested the name of the organization
  • Addresses, Name, and shareholding of each of the shareholders


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