President Alvi asked opposition to show interest in electronic voting demonstration

electronic voting

President Arif Alvi suggested the opposition parties evolve an agreement over the development of electronic voting machines after observing a confirmation, in a private channel interview. He said Wednesday clarifying the misconception around electronic voting machines that the modern technology execution would not conclude the phasing out of ballot papers.


Furthermore, President Arif Alvi Wants to invite the opposition parties to parliament or Aiwan-e-Sadr whichever best adjusts their convenience to observe the confirmation. However, he added that the Electronic Voting Machine has been in use since 1985 to give the example of a neighboring country India.


President said that after observing the exercise than the parties could give out any uncertainty and those can be resolved as per high priority.

President Alvi also requested the media to connect them during the confirmation and share the report on the framework.

We need all political parties to be on the same agenda in initiating Electronic Voting Machine in the election process for a free fair election process.


Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasizes the require for Electronic Voting Machine by a sequence of tweets speaking that all political parties are claiming foul and crying rigging in the recent Thursday National Assembly -249 by-election or last week.

He explained the recent Senate elections in March and the Daska by-election and told that that same occurred on all these times. Actually, distant from the 1970 election, in every election, rigging affirms have upraised uncertainty and queries about election consequences reliability, he indicated.

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