PM Imran Khan Allowed to Create the Civil Drone Authority

The most common use of technology is for agricultural purpose or commercial research. It has confirmed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan allowed to create the Civil Drone Authority.

Imran Khan showed his point of view that now it is the need of the hour that we should need to use Technology positively. Positively means, we should need to use it for commercial research, agricultural purposes, and a number of other peaceful purposes. He said this while having a speech at Saturday meeting. 

Furthermore, he said that technology will result in a vital part of the technology’s development and promotion in Pakistan. The efficient use of technology will result in providing us with the best services. Khan said that there was no law priory regarding the use of Drones in Pakistan.

For the sake of making quick and prominent success in technology. Prime Minister IMRAN KHAN has asked the officials for setting up and authority and present the bill in parliament. 

The Civil Drone Authority will be responsible for regulating the technology, importing drone technology and issuing the license in the country. They can also go for giving penalties to those who will not follow the law or will do any violation regarding laws. 

Moreover, a power he team has created, which include senior officials. Such as senior officials defense production, Pakistan Air Force, interior ministry, Civil Aviation Authority, as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology. All these seniors will be a part of the team. 

There will be a representative as well from each province of Pakistan. Even, the representative will also be added from Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.


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