For maintaining of aircraft Rs330m has approved

The Pakistan International Airlines has proceeded the International Transport Association IATA functioning Safety survey for the continuation of flights to the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although, the national flag transporter is expecting for the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority to obtain its survey concluded by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In late June 2020, Pakistan  International Airlines occurred  under pressure when Minister for Aviation revealed  during a session of parliament that thirty percent of pilots were operating on bogus licenses out of eight hundred and sixty active pilots in the all over the country. The minister disclosed a detail in this respective one month after a plane crash in Karachi.

After a continuous sequence of incidents, Pakistan airlines particularly Pakistan International Airlines occurred under survey of International Corporation, which requested safety surveys. After then, Pakistan International Airlines were prohibited to the United Kingdom, and European Union while the United States gashed its list.

As already the PIA has been struggling for starting direct flights to the United States. However, after several times the visit of the Transport Safety Administration officials at the Islamabad airport. It is concluded that they were actually willing to allow the direct fly of PIA to the U.S, this is stated according to Abdullah Hafeez Khan, who is the PIA spokesperson.

Although, after those earlier incidents, the United States has also prevented all the flights coming from the 3rd country. Such as the UK that was approved by the US to check all safety standards before their aircraft left from their countries to the US.

After those restrictions, PIA was also instructed for maintaining more safety according to IATA (the International Air Transport Association). The aim behind this is to reacquire international confidence and consequently resume flights to the western routes.

Lastly, the IOSA of PIA registration has renewed successfully and now it is valid till 23 June 2023, this statement from PIA.

Since 2005, the national carrier has been trying to maintain the IOSA registration. IATA carries an external audit regarding the renewal of this important safety registration after every 2 years, with IATA as an IOSA operator.

In the previous year, the airline has also undergone two verification audits; the 1st one was of a verification audit and the second one was of inadequate scope, quality assurance, flight services (cabin operations), a full-scope audit covering flight operations, safety management, engineering, security services, along with the maintenance, flight dispatch, ground handling, and cargo operations, this is stated by Khan.

Furthermore, the Audit judgments were addressed successfully and the audit organization also closed them off.

Next comes the second verification audit, which was also acknowledged as a renewal audit of a full scope IOSA.

Up to two years, this registration will remain valid along with the subject is to renew the audits by following the IOSA program manual.

The safety a fiasco and fake licenses for PIA are not going to end until PCAA, the national regulator receives special audits done by ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization). In addition, it will discover if the PCAA safety standards checks and certification and balances are actually at par or not.

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