According to news, the President of the Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. S.M Naveed described his opinions in the context of collaboration of leaders from the technology field for Pakistan to make research-sponsored items in the market and how the Chinese could perform a great role on the backend. This was detailed in a zoom session with a five-member Chinese gathering from the Jinan Technology University China.

Members contained Zhang Min, Zhang Xiuhong, Xiao Jing, and Wang Li who also suggested their proposals and recommendation for international collaboration as a key component for learning worldwide acknowledge best practices.

Mr. Wang Li conducted about the concept of joining into cooperation with the international technology heads to give new chances for nearing scholars and businessmen. Although on this end, China Pakistan Economic Corridors would support Pakistan in terms of education, economy, and aims.

Moreover, Senior Vice President of the Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Daud Ahmed described the schemes to establish technology parks all over the country where Chinese technology would perform a prominent role.

On the whole, both alliances negotiated to make a proper forum to carry new developments through technology in both Pakistan and China.

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