Pakistan’s mobile industry to achieve 24 billion dollars by 2023: GSMA

Punjab Govt wishes to introduce chip technology at nine universities

Talking a certificate distribution forum by the Global System for Mobile Communications virtually, the Global System for Mobile Communications head of Asia Pacific Julian Gorman disclosed that according to Global System for Mobile Communications digital society index, By 2023, the economic participation of the mobile sector in Pakistan is supposed to achieve 24 billion PKR and also considering for six- point five per cent of Gross Domestic Product of the country.

He also explained that digital technologies are changing the way people reside and labor in Pakistan.  Although we notice in the Global System for Mobile Communications 2020 Digital Societies Report, which marks the progress of eleven target countries in the Asia Pacific. However, Pakistan is promoting its economic, societal and digital objective and as indicated in Digital Pakistan Perception, he added.

The Federal Minister for Information Technology Syed Aminul Haq stated that the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom is entirely firmed to developing businessmen and revolution in Pakistan while also recognizing the Global System for Mobile Communications contributions.

The ceremony’s arranger declared awards for three startups out of 597 start-ups appeals collected from 44 cities of the country for a total grant of nearly 146 million PKR.


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