In another series of disturbing revelations, Iranian hackers have entered the information from governments and private companies worldwide stolen. Pakistan is one of the countries affected by the copy. According to the researchers, the continued operation since 2012.

The United States, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany: Cylance, report writing that the security company, highly sensitive information in the following countries stolen from public institutions and infrastructure companies have said, India, Israel, Kuwait , Mexico, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Operation has been active since 2012 and major infrastructure companies and governments around the world have been subjected to attacks

Iranian hackers infiltrated and global monitoring process is to be conducted “Operation cleaver’s show has been dubbed the transcript. Related companies, military, oil and gas, energy and utilities, transportation, airlines, airports, hospitals, telecommunications, technology, education, aerospace and other industries have a wide range of fields, including operational.

Cylance significant operations in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands working with small cells suspect that Tehran is out. Cleaver detailed information about the operation, the researchers said. distortion has advanced beyond, national or global level that may affect the physical world, the chances of an attack. is increasing rapidly continues to transform. ”

Operation is allowed to continue, it is affected by the physical security of the world’s first time – researchers

Another great security risk operation cleaver report a lot of domains registered with Persian and Iranian hackers, appears to be sponsored by the state. First, we covered Regin and scope of this new threat may be the same. Warning of possible outcomes addressed immediately, if not, the researchers Cylance we discover a part of the full scope of operation cleaver “said. The operation is allowed to continue unchecked, it just a matter of time before security the world is affected by it. ”

Iran’s nuclear reactors, which hit the discovery of the Stuxnet worm, a reward is increased to cyber-scale war is triggered. Cylance “Stuxnet electronic means to expose them to the world of physical destruction, a fact which opened the eyes of the Iranian authorities. The response by Stuxnet began in 2011. Almost immediately said,”

Pakistan were affected in the transport system and even our airport gates and security control systems were controlled by hackers

Perhaps most concerning about the operation cleaver South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the transport system is the fact that success was committed. Our network infrastructure and providing remote control of a malicious entity that means. Everything from the entrance of the airport security system to control payment systems were compromised and were none the wiser.

A growing number of major security breaches we defend against such threats is to invest more will demonstrate. Watch the Modern Warfare performed and officials better soon wake up and realize this is the battlefield.

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