Areesh Fatima – Pride of Pakistan

In recent media news, a 4-year-old girl belongs Karachi named Areesh Fatima has ranked her name in the record books as the present youngest Microsoft expert after passing one of Microsoft’s test. The previous youngest Microsoft Certified Professional was a boy called Ayan Qureshi belong to the United Kingdom who cleared the Microsoft exams at the age of five.

Ayan had got the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional title while taking part with his father’s old computers system and thinking about how handling systems behaved. From there on, he based the inspiration to head for the technical monstrous exams. Same to Ayan and Aneesh had disclosed the same level of wiling and interest in computers and technology.

The young genius has established an outstanding example by gaining eight hundred and thirty marks in the exam at such the youngest age. This is definitely an achievement as the lowest marks to clear the exam are seven hundred while perceiving the fact that such an exam was meant for the executive.

The interesting fact here is that Areesh’s father had attained the achievement at a young age as well during his time. Her father described the fact that while performing from home he observed his daughter’s passion in the sector of Information Technology and assisted her to prepare for the exam.

Furthermore, the Government of Pakistan had emphasized her as dignity of Pakistan after hearing the news.


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