Amazon choose Pakistan to the Approval Selling Countries List

The list of global e-commerce enormous Amazon’s delivery contributors for parcels within the country has suggested adjoining Pakistan Post. Pakistan is supposed to add Amazon sellers’ list hardly in a week. Although, after the adding of Amazon seller list than Pakistani sellers would have to concentrate on the standard of their products.

The commodity sold will be revert able in case of any objection. The joint secretary of commerce said to Media that great initiative was took in the regard of Amazons’ seller list after Eid ul Fitr. She added that those who do not make sure the standard of their products would have their Amazon seller account terminated or closed.

A few days ago stated by Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce that new opportunities are coming for the youth of country and small and medium enterprises in form of Amazon that was going to join Pakistan in its Seller list within a few days.

Being one of the largest manufacturing economies in the region despite Pakistan is only South Asian nation which is not entered in the list of one hundred and two countries on Amazon’s plans. Even last year, Pakistan ranked one hundred and sixteen in the one hundred and fifty two nations B2c  E-commerce indicator of the United Nations  Conference on Trade and Development. Ultimately, we have reached it. However, Amazon will be joining Pakistan to its Sellers List within a few days as per tweet of Adviser of Prime Minister on Commence. He added that it is a marvelous chance for our youth, Small and Medium Enterprises and also women entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, he added that Amazon’s listing was a significant breakthrough of government e-commerce plan which has been gotten by teamwork.

Amazon has a listing of about twelve million products across all its classification and services as per the Chief Executive Officer of the Si Global Amazon .The Amazon’s share in United States e-commerce market is about forty five percent which can be investigated in an open competitive environment. He added that it is a big opportunity for Pakistani product manufactures.

According to digital media marketer said that the Amazon reform was not only good news for freelancers and business community were also over enjoyed. Job opportunities in Pakistan will enhance and small and big business men will be able to avail advantages from it with the coming of Amazon in Pakistan. According to e-Commerce and digital media manager said that e-commerce sector will also blare.

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