Pakistan Post – A Logistics and Mobile Financial Company

Pakistan Post - A Logistics and Mobile Financial Company

Pakistan Post’s usage and value has seen a decline over the past few years. With Courier services like TCS, Leopards and newbie’s like BlueEx etc., the market is very tough and Smartphones, apps and mobile financial services have also contributed to the damage making Pakistan Post almost outdated.

To compete, the Pakistan Post is in the process to do a refurbishing for which there was a presentation in this regard to the Prime Minister which was approved officially.

Pakistan Post Reform Agenda:

There are three points of action.

  • Launch of mobile money transfer
  • Launch of logistic company
  • Rebranding of Pakistan Post

Mobile Money Solution:

To achieve this milestone, an investment was proposed for the 3200 post offices and their 9000 agents approximately which has hardware, software and training of the staff, advertisement and charges and Pakistan Post is expecting an income of 5 billion rupees within 2 years and a 20% market share.

This is a partnership pursued and for a part of the revenue Pakistan Post will be shown a solution that maintains market standards run by the partner who would also help in providing hardware, software, training and development.

Pakistan Post Logistics Company:

There is an income of around 80-100million dollars per year and is expected to increase to billions in the coming years in the local e-commerce market. The courier service is now worth 30 billion rupees and will increase as the e-commerce market grows as per the Pakistan Post’s estimate which is just a part it is targeting.

It is the aim to start a fully owned logistics company with private sector partners for investing on a revenue share basis. 800 million rupees will be made in the below areas

  • GPS enabled trucking fleet
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution channels
  • Information technology
  • Brand recognition

Rebranding Pakistan Post:

A makeover of the Pakistani Post is very much in progress in the reforming in which includes making Pakistani Post a center for technology and convenience. Upgrading the facilities will be taken up with the preparing of medium and long term postal policies which will be a transparent process. Expressions of interest (EOI) are requested for all the three projects through the PPRA site and newspapers. Pakistan Post is targeting to double its revenue to 900 million per annum in 2 financial years and a growth rate of 15% is being targeted in the next three years.

This revamping plan of Pakistani Post is an indication of the change of business situations in Pakistan. Traditional services have been pushed to the sidelines with the new comers in the market which makes the revamping of Pakistan Post very much in need to make it competitive.


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