Pakistan’s Dawaai Increase $8.5 Million to Develop its Online Pharmacy and Healthcare System


Karachi Head-office online pharmacy launch Dawaai has increased eight-point five million dollars in a round guided by five hundred starters and using its total financing to date to ten-point five million dollars. The round is contained of value and debt and involving the association of keep going investor Sarmayacar and two family offices. The starter has talked to Pakistan Tech News that right accounts for an outstanding majority of the round. The bargain also contained subordinates with some capitalists partially exiting the organization and making some really good remits. Dawaai did not allocate the exact malfunction but described to us that the subordinate was a very small part of the deal.

Established in early 2014 by Furquan Kidwai, Dawaai sales medicines, personal care items, and medical gadgets to individuals and pharmacies across the country through its website and mobile-installed platform. It operates exactly with the pharmaceutical companies and large suppliers to sell genuine medicines at what it speaks are the affordable possible prices. The consumers can take the medicines by just uploading their instructions or by attaching them physically to the transport utilizing look on the platform. To suggest medicines, a customer must upload an instruction to absolute the order.

Dawaai affirms to have worked eleven million people in the country have utilized its website site and applications, in the last seven years. A large number of these customers have bought medicines using Dawaai’s platform. The health-tech presently transported medicines in ninety-eight cities through different fulfillment centers across the country. In some parts of the country. It also has its own nimble through which it is capable to provide two-hour delivery in specific areas of such as Karachi and Lahore.

The starter told that it has raised its earnings by three hundred and fifty percent in the last twelve months. Dawaai’s group has also increased from fifteen employees about two years ago to two hundred and fifty people right now. It has joined members to all the functions of the organization and designs to continue to recruit more.

In inclusion to medicines and medical gadgets, Dawaai’s platform now capable customers to discuss doctors online, get health assistance at home and book lab tests.

The creator and CEO of Dawaai, Furquan Kidwai that a large number of users who require medicines from their platform are incurable victims. They want doctor meetings and lab tests on regularly and to provide them better. We have been including all these communications to Dawaai and would resume adding more. It is very motivating to observe that telecommunications provided by Dawaai have improved to tens of thousands of monthly meetings in no time.

Furqan added that some of the doctors who utilize Dawaai to provide meetings have increased their income two times.

In a statement, commenting on the round, he declared, “We are exceptional-focused on our objective to use healthcare approachable and adjustable for the people of Pakistan and extensive South Asia. The first step in obtaining that is establishing the losing pharmaceutical supply network foundation in the markets we work in and sharpening the next age of talent to use our economies forward. This funding is empowering us to move forward on our journey to create the lives of people better across the length and breadth of Pakistan with the cheapest healthcare version for all Pakistanis.

The Managing Partner at five hundred initiations Tony Wang said that  Furquan and his company have initiated Dawaai not only as of the foremost digital health system in Pakistan but as an explorer tech company in a developing initiation ecosystem, in recent years. We are excited to keep to back Dawaai as it assists the approach to healthcare to millions of people.

Dawaai aims to make the investment to continue establishing a pharmaceutical supply network foundation in Pakistan and further grow its technology to improve the business.


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