PM Imran Khan wants international action against online hate


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed severe measures online hate as he thinks it to be the root cause of increasing Islamophobia across the world.

Prime Minister described in an interview with anchor Rosemary Barton, the chief political journalist of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Websites and content increasing hatred separate humanity. Social media is increasing by the day and the world is just approaching terms with it. The interview broadcasted on Sunday.

PM Khan stated without providing more details on the type of measures he wants from other countries, there requires to be an international measure against it. The premier elaborated that he is concentrating on making countries together so that they could take discussions on it. Badly, world heads do not have sufficient inducement to tackle the hate against Muslims and Islam. It is because they do not acknowledge this themselves.”

PM Khan kept on to talk that he has learned in the United Kingdom and stayed there. I know the western culture and recognize its problems. I understand why Islamophobia expand so quickly post nine eleven incidents. After the assault on the twin towers, heads of state across the world criticized it taking the terms such as Islamic terrorism and Islamic extremism. When such terms embellish common, they show the wrong conception of Islam. Masses on the streets do not know the difference between modest and fundamental Muslims. They assume that all Muslims are the same way and this causes Islamophobia, he demonstrated. Terrorism has no belief and there are radicals in every society.

He further said that Muslims existing in Western countries face Islamophobia. Most of the cases are not even revealed and we get such news about them from our consulates.

Barton then urged for his statement on Quebec’s law that bars civilian servants in positions of power from taking religious emblems at work. She said that Quebec officials remark that they trust in secularism.

He stated that this is a pure form of non-religious radicals. The whole plan behind radicalism is you wish humans to be free to be the way they desire to be as long as it does not harm anyone.

Why is it such a great problem if anyone desires to protect their head?” The main cause is the way Islam is distinguished by western countries. Muslims must combine to form people recognize the significance of their religious instructions. People opposing others wearing religious emblems is quite odd.

Although, the premier avoided the question when urged to comment on the cruelty against Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province.

PM Khan told that he just requires to clarify that he talks out against Islamophobia because he is stayed in the United Kingdom and knows what Muslims living there go through. There are party political issues and facing in Syria, Iraq, and Somalia and that must be censured.


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