StartupsHow Effective Is Online Business in Pakistan?ideas That Doesn’t Require Much Investment

How Effective Is Online Business in Pakistan?ideas That Doesn’t Require Much Investment

You may have a dream of starting your own business like millions of Pakistani’s have too. However, the main matter is that there always come several obstacles in the way of gaining success and achieving your dream. The obstacle is a necessary element that definitely comes into one’s way. Some people consider that obstacle something really difficult time; although, for others, it could be a solid business idea for starting a new business.

In different hurdles, the most important and the biggest hurdle is money. You may have listen that if you don’t have money then you are not meant to start any business. This is one of the common lines that you may have to listen from several people. But that is not true, now you can start your online business in Pakistan with little or even no investment.

Below mentioned the top 10 business that you can start online without any investment:

1. Go with Consulting Services

A consulting service is a kind of business, in which you provide appropriate advice to the people according to their matter. You see a large number of small business owners and startup persons who are ready to pay for getting advice from an expert regarding their business. If you are a person having great experience then consulting service business is for you. This is a highly valuable and quite easy business, but you will have to need years of experience to become an expert.

2. Micropreneurship

This is not a commonly known business, maybe you even don’t hear about it. Micropreneurship is just a kind of entrepreneur; an entrepreneur who manages the small type of businesses. That will allow you to do the type of work that you want and manage a balanced lifestyle. There falls different kinds of businesses; for instance, driving for Careem or Uber, moreover, even renting your own house. Mostly, Micropreneurs begin their business with zero cents of investment. As the money rolls in, a Micropreneur reinvests it for starting a bigger business. For starting, this means of earning you have to figure out that which kind of business model will suit you the best.

3. Affiliate marketing

This is somehow quite similar to dropshipping. However, here you are not bound to making the inventory as well is no need to worry about the product’s shipping to the customers. The only thing you have to do is to go with the niche that is most profitable for your online business. Moreover, you have to find an affiliate partner; affiliate websites such as Clickbank, Walmart, or Amazon can help you out. So you need to develop a website and on that website, you have to put those links to the products. As any customer buys any product through that connecting link to the original site you will get a commission. Generally, the commission comes between 5 to 25 percent.

4. Resale Factor

Reselling is a quite simple process, it doesn’t need any investment.

You simply need to acquire the product and then just sell it to the people who are looking for that. Now the question arises that how would you come up with the product. Dropshipping is one of the best options as almost no cash is required for this means of working. In this process, you firstly ship the product directly from the product creator keep into consideration of your margins. If you think that the profit margin is low then you can also go with wholesaling. However, that will demand money. Taking a start through the shipping process is a quite better option. In short, with this method of Resaling, you are allowed to come up with more profit and having full control over the business.

5. Create your own blog

Blogging is one of the quite famous ways of online earning. No need to take it difficult if you are not comfortable with writing then you can with other options as well. If you can go with blog and content writing then it is great; otherwise, the best part is that you can make Vlogs or post photos. Moreover, you can go with a website regarding games. In simple words, there are several niches on which you can work. Now the first step in starting your blog is that you have to buy a domain then hosting. This is recommended to buy a domain otherwise you can go with a completely free blog as well. After you can earn money through different means; such as, you can go with Google AdSense approval or you can add product’s link for promoting as an affiliate marketer.

6. Start a YouTube channel

If you like to make videos then starting a YouTube Channel is the best option for you. However, one element is very important in this aspect and which is that you have to create catchy and unique content. A content that can engage the people for watching your video. Here you can also go with many niches. Here, you will get money with the help of ads that will appear along with your YouTube video and the clicks of the people on that. This will turn you on for getting revenue.

7. Online tutoring

If you love teaching or your personality suit teaching then you will certainly love to teach online. Here, nothing investment is required as there is no need for a classroom. You just need to sign up on different sites; Such as or even you can go with the creation of your own web as well. However, be mind-full, you just need to go with that subject on which you have good command.

8. Virtual assistant

One of the most popular jobs in the future will be a virtual assistant as it is right now as well. Your job is just like a secretary but here you have to do everything online. What you need for this job are a phone, laptop or computer and a stable internet connection. Generally, the task that a virtual assistant is assigned is email management, buying a domain and making travel arrangements, social media marketing, audio or video editing, blog posting, calendar management, and so on. In simple words, you can choose a task regarding your skill and will pay hourly.

9. Become an app developer

This is one of the best future jobs which is considered and the demand for this work is very high nowadays. App development will allow you to make quite a good amount. No doubt, you must have a great grip on your skill because many businessmen wanted to develop an android app for their business. Your task is to find such people and you will start generating money through your skill.

10. SEO consulting

Last but not the least, this is somehow different from the type of consulting discussed above. Presently, you can not ignore the importance of SEO optimization. So why avoid doing SEO consulting services or even not opening your own SEO agency? There could be fear inside you regarding expert SEO experts. No doubt everything takes time, after you become an expert, then you can start your steady online business. There is a large number of businesses that are looking for SEO experts; so that they can rank their website high.

You even not to keep working on a single mean of earning. After becoming an expert in one field you need to jump into the next and be mindful regarding the trend as well.


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