PTA asks FBR to halt import of GSM amplifiers, boosters

The Government in Pakistan is going to hold a spectrum auction in the upcoming mid-May


The aim behind this is to make 1 Billion rupees revenue and providing people with the quality services, this info issued by the Business Recorder.

With respect to the report, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has chosen an international firm. The name of the firm is Frontier Economics Ltd. PTA has select it for the sake of the consultant for the spectrum auction of 2100 MHz bands and 1800 MHz

This firm has also issued a report towards the Advisory Committee for releasing NGMS (the next Generation Mobile services). By the end of this month, with the help of the committee will preside over the Minister of Finance.

There is also a motive behind the consultancy firm onboard is that to renewal the existing mobile cellular license. This not enough, additional spectrum auction in 1800 and 2100 MHz bands is also going to refurbish. The reason is quite obvious that international best practices suited for the telecommunications market are needed.

If we talk about the overall economic growth then it is also needed to be focused on regulating the consistency for the investors and the future sustainability of the cellular sector. Furthermore mobile broadband proliferation along with an overall economic growth of the region.

If one talk overall purpose behind this then that is to achieve incentivizing and the broader economic growth for incentivizing the foreign investment. However, keeping in view other relevant factors and the previous landmarks.

There is another noble objective behind this, and this is to work on the rational spectrum. In other words, readjusting the plans. The spectrum is going to assign in such a manner that it will create a block size of the contiguous frequencies with the help of the reframing method. The reframing will do on the previous assignment for standardizing the block sizes.

According to the news report, the consultations with the industrial stake-holders is going to happen on 1st April after the initial finding being collected and presented by the Advisory Committee. Keeping this in view, the spectrum auction is going to held in the middle of May.

Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, the Minister of Finance has commented that the consultations will be done timely having a proactive approach within the provided deadlines. He also stressed that the whole process regarding the auction will transparent for the sake of expansion and strengthening the IT services in Pakistan.

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