Newcomer Chromecast with Google TV – here’s what we want to see

Newcomer Chromecast with Google TV - here's what we want to see
Google is reportedly planning to launch a brand new Chromecast, so all those looking to pick up a 4K streamer might want to hold off and see what the new gadget has to offer.Following on from 2020’s Chromecast with Google TV and the HD-only Chromecast that launched last year, it looks like Google is planning to launch a new best streaming device in the near future.

This is based on code found by 9to5Google in the latest preview build of the Google Home app. The report says there are references to a never-before-seen Google TV device called YTC, with the piece adding that one piece of code directly confirms that the product is indeed a Chromecast instead of some other device. What’s more, this claim is apparently supported by the codenames of both previous Chromecast devices with Google TV, which were YTV and YTB.

Unfortunately, the code doesn’t reveal what the Chromecast will be capable of, but since the last entry was a budget-friendly gadget that only supports HD resolution, we expect Google’s next model to be a follow-up to the more premium Chromecast. With Google TV starting in 2020. That means the return of 4K HDR with support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

What we want to see from a new Chromecast

In addition to a return to 4K, there are several upgrades we hope to see Google make with its next Chromecast, with the first being a bounce back to the device’s storage space.

Streaming devices don’t need a lot of storage space but they do need something to house their operating system and the necessary data to run your favorite streaming apps. As more streaming services enter the scene – flooding the market with more must-watch TV – streaming devices will need more storage space to be able to hold a large library of apps.

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is fine, but it could be better 

We also hope that Google will boost the power of its Chromecast. Again, these broadcast-focused TV add-ons don’t need a huge amount of power, but Google 2020 does feel a bit sluggish compared to some of its competitors—in our review, we noticed that the software wasn’t as responsive as we’d expect from a premium product.

Speaking of software, we want Google to improve the Chromecast Assistant’s search functionality as well. While Google Assistant often works as expected, some questions can return complex or even inaccurate results, which limits its usefulness somewhat.

Although, for now, we will just have to wait and guess what Google has in store for us. While this leak indicates that the device is close enough to launch and that it needs to be tested on the latest version of the Google Home app, we haven’t heard anything else about it. Hopefully more leaks or an official statement from Google will come out soon so we don’t have to keep us in the dark for too long.

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