National Assembly body informed, Social media companies not cooperating with FIA


The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Defense was briefed on Monday that the social media companies were not performing sufficient function on tackling cyber crime in the country.

The session held by MNA Amjad Khan, was informed over the conformance of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to restraint cybercrime in cooperation with the government agencies.

The National Counter Terrorism Authority formally opposed the absence of readiness on part of the social media group to participate and collaborate in speaking. Facebook does not even trouble to answer to our queries.

The secretary of interior briefed the committee that ninety-four thousand cyber crime complaints had been recorded since last year. We are focusing into every complaint and will not reserve anyone.

The secretary told that The Federal Investigation Agency cyber crime wing gets two hundred and sixty complaints regarding anti-government, fake accounts anti-religious, and child pornography posts regularly.

Informing the committee on the instance, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority officer informed the committee that under the directives of the FIA approach to almost all pornographic websites was closed in the country.

The complaints regarding profanity cases have also reduced after effective actions,” the officials satisfied the committee.

A Federal Investigation Agency officer briefed the committee that coaching of the officials in assigning with such cases is also meeting difficulty due to Covid-19, as training could only be guided virtually, computing that it did not give a satisfactory result.

On the event, Member National Assembly Aftab Shaban Mirani told that there was a need to utilize solid steps to reduce threats to the country’s cybersecurity. He further said that the risk of hacking of main accounts has also raised.

Member National Assembly Ramesh Kumar told that The National Counter Terrorism Authority was diverging from its phrase of references. Kumar told, there are a large number of queries indicates on the performance of National Counter Terrorism Authority. “More than five hundred undocumented religious academies have been establishing in Thar and Badin and National Counter Terrorism Authority has performed nothing about it.”

Kumar highlighted that in the light of the United States abolition from the neighboring Afghanistan, the question of national security was obtaining more seriousness and more should be performed to check it.



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