TechnologyMore than 300 linguists have made the "most cited scholars list"

More than 300 linguists have made the “most cited scholars list”

On October 10, 2022, Elsevier BV He released his updated quote from the author data set And 93 language experts were ranked among the top 100,000 scientists who were cited.

Ranking depends on how often authors are cited in publications other than their own. The publicly available data set includes several different subsets, and different numbers can be obtained depending on how the data is used.

The total data set includes 200409 scientists, of whom 335 are directly or indirectly related to language and linguistics. For this article, we chose a file subgroup (download) Includes 195605 scientists ranked by number of citations throughout their careers through September 1, 2022.

We sorted the data using the subfield, “Languages ​​and Linguistics”, to arrive at our own ranking. In this way, a direct link is established between the classified language experts and their work in the subfield, regardless of the fields in which they are cited.

Some interesting anecdotes appear immediately. The two best language experts by number of citations are famous linguists and sociologists John Heritagea scientist from the University of California who has published research on language and social interaction since the 1970s, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Noam Chomsky.

Both linguistic experts are often cited in life sciences research – especially since Chomsky is widely regarded The father of modern linguistics. The areas in which language experts are commonly cited are psychology and cognitive science.

Highest ranking scientist, LSE’s Lilly ChulyarakiIt has been published since the late 1990s in linguistics as well as sociocultural theory, among other fields. Her work in the field of language includes several research projects in critical discourse analysis. Chouliaraki is often cited in the field of communication and textual studies.

Our analysis shows that 54 scientists (57% of the top 94 language experts) work in NLP (NLPand artificial intelligenceAI). The world’s highest-ranking sub-field is Manfred SteadProfessor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Potsdam. His work covers the structure of discourse and the automatic understanding and generation of discourse. Stede is cited mostly in the field of information and communications.

Some company names appeared on the list as well. Marco Baroni of Facebook Research is among the top 50% of language experts cited. IBM is represented by Fred J. Damerau and Microsoft is represented by Michael Jamon. Not surprisingly, the three are experts in NLP and work in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Most of the top-ranking language experts work in academia. The best institutions are located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Represented in the data subset is Harvard university (with six language experts), as well Stanford University and the University of Edinburgh (Both with five language experts each).

Other notable institutions represented include the entire University of California the system, New york universityAnd the Oxford.



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