TechnologyFor cyber-attacks preventation, MoIT and Telecom advises to move websites to NTC

For cyber-attacks preventation, MoIT and Telecom advises to move websites to NTC

This is one of the valuable pieces of information that how to secure your website from cyber-attacks. Besides if you’re a website holder then is article is far important for you. The Ministry of IT and Telecom advised the federal secretaries that we have to shift the websites for all respective departments and the ministries to the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) data center. So that their sites may remain protected from cyber-attacks, this information was conveyed to federal secretaries through a recent letter.

There is a fact behind that all the websites that were placed on private domains faced numerous cyber-attacks, initially. Which results in the leakage of their important and private data as well. Moreover, it is also advised by the Ministry of IT and Telecom that they should need to avoid the use of their private emails rather, they should need to go with the Govt. provided emails for their future proceedings.

On Thursday, during the meeting with the Federal Minister for IT Syed Amin ul Haq made the decision for sending the letter. There is one of the important reasons being sending that letter and which is to review the implementation status of the e-office project and that is in the present time the National Information Technology Board (NITB) is actually, overseeing it. Furthermore, if we talk about the NITB, then NITB is also working for making the change into the different sectors for the Govt. In which they are making a working system without paper method, known as e-office.

If we talk about them, then their current progress has attained the 4th level of e-office within the 16 different divisions. However, their main aim is bigger, they want to continue the implementation in 40 ministries and divisions also including 107 departments of the federal Govt. This is not the end, the NITB has saved around 300 million rupees’ worth of the physical infrastructure by training probably 14,300 employees of the Govt. regarding the new system.

Although, keeping in view the situation of the pandemic in our country Pakistan. It is probably, expected that nearly all the offices of the government and their departments will implement virtually; the e-office method for the sake of ensuring that increasing productivity by following the policies of COVID-19.

This (e-office) is also coming under the trend, which is followed by the major organization, companies, and industries in their regarding proceeding. Through the use of digital tools and infrastructure, the utilization has been achieved.


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