Ministry of IT and PSEB Declare Amazon Business Center as Software Technology Park

Amazon choose Pakistan to the Approval Selling Countries List

On Wednesday, May 20 2021, the management at the Amazon Outlet Mall signed an MOU with PSEB (the Pakistan Software Export Board) for releasing a ‘Software Technology Park’ near DHA II inside the premises of the Amazon Outlet Mall, located on Grand Trunk Road. So the PSEB under the Ministry of Information Technology term the Amazon Business Center as the Software Technology Park in Pakistan.

One of the leading real estate groups of Pakistan is the Imarat Group of Companies. 

Over 10 million square feet, this group has to its credit more than 8 projects in the federal capital for the construction purpose. As the Amazon Outlet Mall is one of its the first and profound projects as it is the first factory outlet mall in our country. In the real estate sector, the leadership at the Imarat group was always strong advocates of the several benefits of tech.

For developing one specific kind of software technology park, the management at the Imarat Group agreed gladly for renting out space which is spanned upon three floors to the Ministry of IT. 

The purpose behind this is to catch the professionals from the industry related to work to shift them towards the boosting tech industry of Pakistan. PSEB as a facility provider regarding the IT industry and the market is providing all possible support for populating the software technology park as stated in the MOU.

According to Companies Ordinance 1984, PSEB which was incorporated this ordinance and its registered office in Islamabad. In Sector F-5, Islamabad, on the 2nd floor of the Evacuee Trust Complex, the MOU signing took place in the office. In the signature portion, Mr. Shafiq Akbar who is Chairman Imarat Group of Companies, and Mr. Osman Nasir who is Managing Director of the PSEB are included. Moreover, the Directors of the Group Mr. Sharjeel A. Ehmer and Mr. Farhan Javed were present as well.

Technology is the future, Mr. Shafiq Akbar stated this belief as well. He talked while putting stress that how we must adapt artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in the real estate sector in our country and in which way the other sectors of the country will also get the advantage.

 He commented that we are hopeful to bring the best of RE technologies, with the help of this partnership, Such as artificial intelligence algorithms, blockchain, digital mapping in Pakistan; in this way we will not only modernize our relative work of tech, although it will stuck out the malpractices from the Industry too.

The signed parties are pretty sure and optimistic that their venture is not going to lift up the real estate industry although other sectors of Pakistan as well through technology: the GDP of Pakistan.


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