LUMS Launches Pakistan’s First Academic Program in Cryptocurrency


LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) of Pakistan is the first university, which is going to allow the investment in crypto tokens for the sake of the Academic program in Cryptocurrency. Through this, LUMS has achieved exceeding investments of Rs 670 in Cryptocurrency. Which is going to design the first academic programs of Pakistan for block-chain. This is according to the varsity’s official news release by associated platforms and DLT (distributed ledger technology).

Muneeb Ali, Alumnus has confirmed this news via Twitter.

LUMS is going to 5 Million tokens for developing the courses. Furthermore, students to do research on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and so on. One thing more, let me tell you that 5 Million STX tokens of Cryptocurrencies are equal to 670 Million rupees, nearly and in Dollars 4.1$ million. Taking such initiatives just has one purpose that is to focus on emerging markets. Moreover, those areas where just kind of technology can fully apply. 

The co-founder of the LUMS Stacks said that LUMS always remains the hub for taking just initiatives. Such as for researching and on innovations grounds. Furthermore, he said that crypto-network is one of the biggest tech network in the world: revolution. He said that this new alliance through crypto will not only strengthen my relation with LUMS. However, it will help us to prepare the next generation entrepreneurs engineers of the internet: anchorage blockchain tech.

In addition, he commented that it will not only lead our new business models but will also take us to the new era of distribution application: blockchain. In short, he was saying that it will certainly give immense benefits to Pakistan.

No doubt, the LUMS is a landmark achievement regarding the educational backdrop of Pakistan. Besides renewing the academic curriculums and teaching the students in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is a new development that will result in the regulation of crypto in Pakistan as soon as possible.






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