Launch and specifications of the brand new Redmi MAX 86”

Redmi MAX 86

China has been using Xiaomi TV’s for a while and now the brand is ready to do something big.

Together with K40 smart mobiles the latest Redmi MAX 86” is introduced that supports 98” version adding to the trail.

Specs of the brand new MAX TV are incredible. It has a panel of 4K tenacity supporting 10 colors bit alongside with HDR 10 and HDR10+.

The device is run by a pair of 2GB RAM and 32GB HDD helps to run the device. Chipset is yet to be discussed by the company. More specs include voice assistant, integration of the content and much more is yet to come. It also supports a pair of speakers of 25W.  It has a Wi-Fi connection with three extra HDMI slots alongside with the connection of Bluetooth and USB.

It is just launched in Chinese market by March 4. Redmi will be announcing the MAX TV in international market very soon.

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